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Friday, June 17 2022

This is the last week that VoG was aired in shortwaves on the usual frequency 9420 kHz.I have made many checks this week locally in the Mr Olympus with auxiliary checks via Twente in various times .
In short
11-12 is Sat-Sun, no transmissions!
13 Mon / not aired due to Public holiday of Pentecostal /Holy Spirit . I disagree with their policy.
14 didn't report but as per the Twente chart they were operating 1210-1323 and 1407-1705
15 Aired after 1236. I made 3 checks this day locally and via Twente . Ended as usual on 1705 This was the final extension day as noticed by the news

16+17 no transmission  via Twente "as expected"
Bye bye Voice of Greece
Now only via internet on main https://webradio.ert.gr/
or https://webradio.ert.gr/i-foni-tis-elladas/ ;   for VoGreece
https://webradio.ert.gr/deftero-laika/ ;   the new program with only Greek folk

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