Hard-Core-DX.com: BBC Antarctic Midwinter broadcast - June 21 frequencies confirmed

BBC Antarctic Midwinter broadcast - June 21 frequencies confirmed

Monday, June 20 2022

Thanks to Dave Passey at Woofferton who has just confirmed to me
the frequencies for the BBC Antarctic Midwinter broadcast
tomorrow, Tuesday 21st June, at 2130-2200 UTC:

"Following the test transmissions, the 6035kHz from DHA has been
closed out, leaving just the three:

7305 ASC

9505 WOF

12065 WOF

You are correct that there will only be one transmission on Shortwave at 2130UTC. "

(in the UK, the programme is also on BBC WS on DAB at 2130 UTC, 2230 BST. This is probably a slightly shorter edition though: 2132-2200, so best to listen on shortwave!)

This from BBC's Media site:

The BBC’s unique annual broadcast to
Antarctica, featuring music and messages.

The Antarctic Midwinter Broadcast is
unlike anything else on the BBC World Service. Every year, we
make this special programme for just 32 listeners: the team of
scientists and support staff isolated at British research
stations in the Antarctic midwinter.

Presented by Cerys Matthews, the
programme features messages from family and friends at home as
well as music requests from Antarctica. For decades it has been
part of the traditional midwinter celebrations.

For the staff living at three British
Antarctic Survey research stations (Rothera, Bird Island and
South Georgia), and at other national bases across the frozen
continent, midwinter is a special time. With no sunlight,
Antarctica is at its coldest and those stationed on the frozen
continent face months of total isolation.

Midwinter celebrations at the British
research stations include a feast, exchange of presents,
watching the 1982 horror film The Thing (where an alien monster
terrorises an Antarctic base) and listening to the BBC’s
Midwinter Broadcast.

As ever, this year’s programme
includes recorded messages from family and friends of the
winterers, music requests from the personnel in Antarctica, and
appearances from special guests.

  • A Boffin Media production produced by Martin Redfern for
    the BBC World Service


(Alan Pennington via WOR io group)