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KBS World Radio Test Transmissions

Thursday, June 23 2022

Here is a great opportunity for shortwave listeners to further develop a
good rapport with a broadcaster. They are upgrading their facilities and
would like feedback from shortwave listeners.

The following is an announcement from KBS World Radio:
"Hello Listeners,

We are delighted to announce that our shortwave transmission from Kimje,
South Korea will be normalized after a three week test transmission
starting at 0400 UTC on July 8th, 2019. We thank you for your patience
during the past year.

Our English programming on 9785 kHz that was initially moved to
1800-2100 UTC due to a transmitter problem will be back on 1400-1700 UTC
at a stronger output of 250 kW.
Listeners who tune into our programs on 11810 kHz and 15575 kHz can also
expect to enjoy better reception since the current 100 kW transmitter
will be replaced by a 250 kW transmitter.

Please be sure to tune into KBS World Radio during the test transmission
period and send us your reception reports. Your feedback will help us
find ways to improve your listening experience.

Thank you!
KBS World Radio English Service

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