Hard-Core-DX.com: New and Special Programs From Radio Angela

New and Special Programs From Radio Angela

Tuesday, June 28 2022

This week, Radio Angela (WBCQ 5130 kHz) has the following special

Thursday, June 30 0200-0300 UTC (Wed 10pm-11 EDT):  WBCQ
Open Mic

This edition of WBCQ's occasional "Week 5" broadcast includes a
blues band from Argentina, Indonesian Dangdut (pop) submitted by a
listener in Greece and other surprises.

Thursday, June 30 0300-0400 UTC (Wed 11pm-Midnight EDT): 
WBCQ Polka Party

In this special broadcast, Marion and Kristina of
Marion's Attic present a rollicking polka party that includes
music from a current polka star along with some great vintage

Friday July 1 0300-0400 UTC (Thurs 11pm-Midnight EDT): 
WBCQ Comedy Ration

Who couldn't use a laugh about now?

On Saturday, June 2 from 0200-0300 UTC (Fri 10pm-11pm EDT),
two new weeklies begin:

Saturday 0200-0230 (Fri 10pm-10:30 EDT): Orwellian
Airwaves With Lainie Petersen

Lainie, an arts and public affairs producer and
commentator on World Perspectives Radio and Hard Lens Media, reads
from Orwell's works.  1984 begins this Friday.

Saturday 0230-0300 (Fri 10:30pm-11:00 EDT): Greek Music

Having decided that a shortwave spectrum without any
Greek music in it is unacceptable, Bill Tilford presents a balm
from his own impressive collection until something better comes
onto the airwaves.