Hard-Core-DX.com: Radio Andorra in August and September 2022

Radio Andorra in August and September 2022

Friday, July 22 2022

The next 2 programs "from the archives of Radio Andorra" are ready to be
broadcasted. In August und September on the first saturday per month
it's time to roll again some 43 year old cassettes.

The program on August, 6th the french chansonnier Ricet Barrier will do
the programming for one hour. It is a program from the "Carte
Blanche"-series which was recorded in summer 1979, where stars at that
time were invited to select their music on a sunday afternoon program.
Barrier was born in August 1932, died in 2011, so it would be his 90th
birthday this year. Unfortunately the second hour of his program got
lost, only the first cassette survived. Times and frequencies:

August, 6th 2022
1700-1800 UTC 6180 kHz LPH 270° towards Europe
2200-2300 UTC 13730 kHz HRS 295° towards Northamerica

On September, 3rd the french singer and actor Mirelle Hartuch is in
charge. She was born in September 1906 and was at the time the program
was recorded already 73 years old. So we will hear music from the 1930s
and 1940s as well as contemporary songs from the 70s. This program
survived completly and will be broadcasted:

September, 3rd 2022
1700-1900 UTC 6180 kHz LPH 270° towards Europe
2200-2400 UTC 13730 kHz HRS 295° towards Northamerica

All transmission, as usual are broadcasted via Moosbrunn, Austria rated
at 100kW carrier power.

As you can see on the attached photo from 2008, the storage condition of
the tapes was not ideal. The transmitter building of Radio Andorra in
Encamp was left empty after 1981, the roof got leaky, water went into
the building. In 2009 the inheritance disputes between Spain and Andorra
could be settled and the remaining apparatus and some tapes could be safed.

Since last year I'm trying to restore some of the old cassettes and
bring them back to HiFi quality for the enjoyment of radiofans. The
whole thing is a matter of the heart, no commercial activity. The
national archive suppots this ideally, but the whole financial part is
done privately by myself. If anyone likes to contribute, here is my
GoFundMe-campaign: https://gofund.me/cc66ad4a. All raised funds go
straight to the reconstruction of the programs (buying neccessary
records, softwarelicenses for the DSP Tools, maintenence of the cassette
players) as well as the transmission feed on shortwave.

All transmission being already broadcasted are also avaiable online:

(via Christian Milling)