Hard-Core-DX.com: Wolfgang Bueschel observations

Wolfgang Bueschel observations

Saturday, July 23 2022

USAGM RFA Mandarin noted in Tokyo, Hiroshima and Delhi SDR installations remotedly
0400-0500 UTC 11895SAI 13750KWT 17690SAI 21505TIN
0500-0600 UTC 11895SAI 17690KWT 21690TIN

21800.000 kHz CHN CNR1 jammer - 20 kHz wideband audio -
against highest SOH TWN outlet in frequency
21799.626 kHz TWN highest SOH Mandarin Falun Gong sect opposite program.
04.44 UT July 23

21505.000 and 21505.005 two! China mainland CNR1 jammer coverage.
S=9+10 at 04.12 UT.
21504.991 MRA US RFA Tinian Mandarin outlet.

18970.000 CHN CNR1 jamming at 04.33 UT, against
18969.816 TWN SOH Mandarin Falun Gong sect, S=8 in Tokyo-JPN.

18900.021 CHN CNR1 jamming at 04.31 UT, 12 kHz wide audio block.
18899.549 TWN SOH Mandarin Falun Gong sect, S=6 in Tokyo-JPN.

17690.000 CHN CNR1 jamming, 04.20 UT on July 23, and
17689.959 MRA US RFA Saipan Agignan Point Mandarin outlet.

11895.000 CHN CNR1 jamming at 04.48 UT on July 23, against
11894.978 MRA US RFA Saipan Agignan Point Mandarin outlet.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 23)