Hard-Core-DX.com: Assunto: Re: Radio Nacional de Angola fair to good

Assunto: Re: Radio Nacional de Angola fair to good

Thursday, July 28 2022

4950via TWR Safr  with S7 and hilife songs at2230 in a quite clear noise background and good modulation . 

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On Wednesday, July 27, 2022 at 03:59:52 AM GMT+3, Lúcio Bobrowiec via Hard-Core-DX <hard-core-dx@hard-core-dx.com> wrote:

I agree with you I think they upgraded something,  but here I heard that the signal quickly deteriorated after around 0545ut.73Lucio 
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  <div>Em ter, 26 26e jul 26e 2022 às 20:39, Arthur Delibert</div><div><radio75a3@msn.com> escreveu:</div>  #yiv9758652457 P I'm hearing them tonight from the coast of the U.S. state of Massachusetts, better than I've heard them in years, but still not quite readable.  So I think they may have upgraded something.
-Art Delibert, Vineyard Haven, Mass. TenTec RX340 rcvr, modified w6LVP loop antennaFrom: Hard-Core-DX <hard-core-dx-bounces@hard-core-dx.com> on behalf of Lúcio Bobrowiec via Hard-Core-DX <hard-core-dx@hard-core-dx.com>
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Subject: [HCDX] Radio Nacional de Angola fair to good 4950kHz, R. Nacional de Angola, Mulenvos; 26/07, 0532 – 0548 music, male and female in news programme about elections operating structure at provinces of Angola, with a testimony of a professional of bureaucracy: “o presidente  em exercicio da função municipal…as materias a serem administradas…que no final saimos todos a ganhar; a formadora provincial Helena da Silva: vamos falar sobre o boletim de voto…trabalhar com os eleitores…o quadro do processo eleitoral”, seems canned male: “o inicio do dia ao ritmo da vida…Radio Nacional de Angola, unindo o país”, hi life African music, male about sports, male news programme “os numeros da produção este ano”. Exceptionally fair to good, if we consider the conditions of RNA’s signal in recent times, maybe by the grey line there but deteriorating over  the listening (LOB-B).

One minute recording of this listening: 

Tecsun PL310et 
Wire 14m, dipole 18m 
Embu SP Brasil

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