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�tf-8?q?Logos, Vanuatu, Pio XII and Educación

Sunday, July 31 2022

5952kHz, R. Pio XII, Bolivia, Siglo Veinte; 24/07. 2135 – 2204 basically male and female in Spanish  talks, unreadable, very weak signal offering sparse talks between pauses. 2158 het and signal began to improve with longer talks, 2200 music. 2204 – 2227 progressive  signal improvement, almost uninterrupted modulation. Talks alternating pop music, some words readable, predominantly female. 2221 andean music. 2251 – 2301 local music. Modulation disappearing and het increasing; at 2257 nothing else was heard but het. Overall merit: very weak, QRN and some fade. Pio XII returned at June in the same broadcast format, only at weekends; but the last two Saturdays (23, 30/07) was silent (LOB-B).

6185kHz, R. Educación, Mexico; 27/07, 0934 – 0940 Cuban music, instrumental piano music. Poor but usually the Educacion signal is weaker here at this time (LOB-B).

4810Khz, R. Logos, Peru, San Martin; 27/07, 1002 – 1008 male in unknown language talks. This don’t sounds like quéchua; Peru have 47 languages including Spanish, quechua and aimara. Poor, deteriorating (LOB-B).

3945kHz, R. Vanuatu; 31/07, 0756 – 0804 female seems in bislama/English  talks, at 0759 male ToH announcements “Radio Vanuatu”, short island music , female, outside talks. Fair to good; 7890 and 11835 was inaudible  (LOB-B).

Tecsun PL310et 
Wire 14m, dipole 18m Embu SP Brasil

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