Hard-Core-DX.com: Jen's Special : Rebellious punked-up show in honor of Rebellion Fest in Blackpool UK

Jen's Special : Rebellious punked-up show in honor of Rebellion Fest in Blackpool UK

Friday, August 05 2022

>From Jen:

Unique Radio, Australia, presents, always live on digital stream & when available 5035 or 3210 USB:

My Real Deal tribute of a Rebellion (Fest), a show that's going on live as I type this {1700 UT Friday}, In Lancashire, Blackpool UK. I am on at 1800-2200 UT Sunday August 7.

Those that tune in to my regular show know I always have it broken up into two parts, the Eclectic Views portion, jazzy, alternative, & worldly in all forms; the second part is what I call my Real Deal, which is rock & roll from the beginnings to now, all forms.

This Sunday`s special is all about my Real Deal, but with one exception: it`s a tribute to mountain top of bands & performers from 15 different countries, that are mostly playing this form, with lots of Angst thrown in, plus some social ills & making political noise; & last but not least, some sci-fi & other worlds (The Rezillos): a Jen Favorite. Hi. Just click on our live stream,

SHOUTcast Server:

I will be doing some testing at 1730 UT, before 1800 start time: the full show starts 12 pm my local Mountain time to 4 pm, or two hours later, Eastern, etc.

If this is your musical bag, then please join me as I play the bands from the Rebellious, "Past 1976 to Now". If not your cup of tea, then please join me next week for my regular programing.

We will always have our chat room open, as usual Kiwi IRC in Libera, first nick, or name, then the following & you are in, # eyeradiojd

Kiwi IRC

So join me, Jen in the Rad, & I hope to bring The Real Deal out of you this Sunday, even if it`s only for a short spell, or maybe not.

73" 33" Jen

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