Hard-Core-DX.com: Fwd: FRS Summer Splash 2022: succesful!

Fwd: FRS Summer Splash 2022: succesful!

Friday, August 12 2022

Manuel Méndez
Lugo, Spain

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Date: vie, 12 ago 2022 14:04
Subject: FRS Summer Splash 2022: succesful!
To: FRS-Holland <frs@frsholland.nl>

Dear FRS Friend!

Last Sunday saw part 3- at the same time the final part- of the *2022 FRS
Summer Splash*.
Three weeks of Summer evening's shortwave free radio with a wide variety of
musical topics
ranging from rare 60s gold to 2022 prog songs.

Looking back now, we may say it was successful. Firstly because of the many
positive e-mails from all
over Europe (and beyond!)but certainly also because of solid reception on
the various frequencies being used.

For those who missed last Sunday's (August 7th) broadcast: there are still
chances to pick up one of our streams.
For full details please go to
http://www.frsholland.nl/20-latest-news/161-frs-summer-splash-2022.html .

Of course all correct reports will be handled and one of our QSL cards will
be send. We are currently in full swing compiling
a huge edition of the *FRS Newsletter Summer edition*. This edition will
contain all* ins and outs *of the FRS Summer Splash among
other articles/ info. The Newsletter will be sent together with the QSL
card. Because of holidays all e-mails/ snail mail will be
handled after August 29th. So please be a bit patient and allow us a few
weeks. If you'd prefer a printed version of the upcoming
Newsletter, please enclose 3 US dollar/ 3 Euro in an envelope or use
Paypal. More info below!

Remember we do issue *hard copy QSLs *which- in our humble opinion- are
much more desirable. You may choose yourself from our series
'FRS Through the Years':
http://www.frsholland.nl/frs-image-gallery/qsl-gallery/qsl-series.html . Of
course you can send your report
to our Herten maildrop (P.O.Box 2702, 6049 ZG Herten, the Netherlands).
Please enclose 3 US dollars or 3 euro. There's also the option
to safely pay using Paypal: simply use *frs@frsholland.nl
<frs@frsholland.nl>* !

It has been a tradition for many years that FRS celebrated its anniversary
on the final August Sunday. Unfortunately we must deviate
from that event this year. On August 31st FRS-Holland will become 42 years.
We will pay attention to our anniversary during our upcoming
late October/ early November broadcast.

If you're interested in our 40+ history of shortwave Free Radio: there's a
32-page Anniversary booklet available as well as an 80 minute CD.
Detailed information via

In case you have any questions relating this e-mail, please feel free to
drop us a line: frs@frsholland.nl .

On behalf of the entire FRS crew, all the best, hopefully you will enjoy
the rest of this long hot Summer.

Peter Verbruggen
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