Hard-Core-DX.com: Myself in R Angela's programs 1+3/9/22 Now GMR cohost!

Myself in R Angela's programs 1+3/9/22 Now GMR cohost!

Wednesday, August 31 2022

(A)I will be featured tomorrow Sept 1st 02-03 UTC in  Mr Bill's  Open Mic program 5130kHZ with another interesting presentation .Please tunein!!

(B)This Saturday 3/9  atGreek Music Refuge   we will feature a new thematic program.I m now a co-host!  Thistime with Greek ballads of the past. Just listen!
Every Saturday on 5130kHZ  on 0230 to 0300 UTC you  can listen to our half hour program with nice Greek music   Feedbackwill be also appreciated ! Email is heard in the end of the program. 

Zacharias Liangas
Hard Core Radio monitor and gear tester

https://bit.ly/3OZixtr ; disclaimer on my writing
https://bit.ly/34NEBpc ; why SDR is better
https://linktr.ee/zliangas ; all my pages

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