Hard-Core-DX.com: Asilomar State Beach - Sept 12, 2022 (Monday) observations

Asilomar State Beach - Sept 12, 2022 (Monday) observations

Tuesday, September 13 2022

Yes, now at 07.18 UT also two more stns on observation in 60 meterband.

5025even CUB R Rebelde came on air after break in the 06-07 hour,
transmitted Latin American / Cuban songs
from their rich Latin culture.

5020even SLM a rather suffered signal of stronger carrier from Honiara,
but much low audio, let's say 10% only modulation,
I could not follow that low level music program. S=6 only.

Nothing observed of these amateurish low power hobby stns
from Australia between 5045 and 5060 kHz fq segment in 60 mb.

73 wb

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From: Wolfgang Bueschel

Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2022 9:06 AM
Subject: Re: [HCDX] [WOR] Asilomar State Beach - Sept 12, 2022 (Monday)

Sept 13, Tuesday morning observation at 06.04 to 06.36 UT
at remote installations at Don's in Edmonton, Alberta-CAN;
and in Hiroshima-JPN, Wanganui-NZ and Marahau-NZ.

5130v USA WBCQ not on air at 06.04 UT.
5085 USA WTWW not on air at 06.18 UT.
4839.995 USA WWCR at 06.06 UT, with much loudspeaker TOM BS,
terrible voice roarer sermon on AFG muslims theme,
and BLACK muslims discussion ... S=9+35dB at Edmonton-CAN
3330even CAN Standard and time signal stn in En/Fr from CHU Ottawa
S=9+30dB proper signal in Alberta-CAN.
4885.029 BRA BrasPort stn S=9+10dB, selected ATT antenna switch
remotedly at Edmonton-Alb-CAN. 06.12 UT on Tue Sept 13.
4939.988 CLM likely (?), could be La Montana Colombia?, SoAM music
at 06.14 UT, S=9+5dB in Edmonton metropole installation.
4985.019 BRA Radio Brasil Central, BrasPort, S=7 fluttery signal,
at 06.15 UT.
5039.998 CUB RHC Bauta English service powerful S=9+25dB, used
Perseus unit selection at Don's antenna 'ATT 10dB'
the best 60 meterband signal in Canada. 06.18 UT.
7932.054 VUT VBT Port Vila Vanuatu, music program of
S=9 or -71dBm at 06.21 UT, also used Perseus unit
selection at Don's antenna 'ATT 10dB' remotedly.
S=9+15dB or -58dBm at Wanganui-NZ;
S=8 or -75dBm at Marahau-NZ; remote Kiwi SDR 06.36 UT

Vanuatu NOT HEARD on 3966.027, nor 11898.081, nor 15864.108 kHz.

Solomons 5020 kHz not heard.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 13)

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From: Ron Howard To: ; Wolfgang Bueschel_DF5SX ; Thomas Nilsson ;
Martyn Williams ; Hansjoerg Biener

Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2022 2:57 AM
Subject: [WOR] Asilomar State Beach - Sept 12, 2022 (Monday) observations

SOLOMON ISLANDS, 5020, SIBC, still on 1250+ UT; non-stop pop music.
Ron, California
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