Hard-Core-DX.com: Vanuatu (8620+) went off the air, while VOI (3325) attempted to return again

Vanuatu (8620+) went off the air, while VOI (3325) attempted to return again

Friday, September 16 2022

MYANMAR Checked Friday Sept 16 at 13.10 UT on Delhi's PERSEUS SDR
installation remotedly:

5915even MMR One of the Burmese language family 'sing sang ' programs
heard from northern new capital 49 mb site Nay Pyi Daw, -- surprise,

Formerly in past months this Myanmar radio was always odd fq on lower
sideband flank, some 6 ... 9 Hertz lower,
close from 5914.991 ... .994 kHz exact to measure.

But much stronger signal in India noted on their other MR channel of

5985even MMR from Yegu / Yangoon former Burmese capital installation
at S=9+10 or -65dBm signal level. At 13.13 UT on Friday Sept 16.

73 wolfy df5sx
wwdxc germany

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to return again

Sept 16 observations:

INDONESIA. 3325, Voice of Indonesia, broadcasting from Palangkaraya, 1032+
UT. Back again after being silent for a month, but having technical
difficulties; 1032-1044, in English; 1107-1110, in Chinese; 1110-1115*, open
carrier/dead air till xmtr went off; 1143+, heard open carrier/dead air
again till past 1313+, with no audio!

SOLOMON ISLANDS. 5020, SIBC, yesterday (15th) found off the air, as did
Bryan Clark. Today back on the air again; National Anthem (1206-1207 UT);
then slight delay before start of non-stop pop songs; still on after 1320+.

TAIWAN. Daily I check Sound of Hope frequencies in the 49m band, which have
always been in //; today heard with anomaly;

6214.90 - UNID programming; non-stop monologue from 1255+ UT; no ID or break
at 1300; clearly NOT // 6229.94 nor 6279.94, which both seemed to have the
same programming (SOH?), but out of sync. Positive none were CNR1 jamming,
but all three frequencies doing better than normal.

VANUATU. 8620+, Radio Vanuatu, 0858+ UT. ID and local time ("8 o'clock");
into monologue in Bislama. Checking from 0940+, found RV had gone off the
air; no signal heard on any of the past or current frequencies!
Ron - California

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