Hard-Core-DX.com: Hollow-ed Eve Bash! on Unique Radio Australia, Oct 30-31, 1600 & 0000 UT

Hollow-ed Eve Bash! on Unique Radio Australia, Oct 30-31, 1600 & 0000 UT

Saturday, October 29 2022

From Jen:

Sunday Oct. 30th 10 am MDT or 1600 UT to past 2000, all on
Unique Radio Australia live from the Dead Digital Stream

Live Dead stream for my casts

My Rockin` around the Graveyard nite shift,
all Real Deal R&R Fun, for the Ghouls in U
instrumental madness, girl group,
punky, spooky Rocks on with
Jen's Halloween Shaking the bones off favorites
for this Hollow-ed Eve Season

Jen's Hollow-ed Eve cast starts at 0000 UT Monday Oct 31 to past 0400
or from 6 pm MDT, 7 pm central, 8 pm eastern, 5 pm Pacific.
This is a repeat from last year with live voice overs.

The show was Old time Radio Spooky classics mixed with
holiday themed music, so sit back and enjoy with the lights out!

For blood-letting please use our Bat Chat Room. Please go to:
click on connect & webchat, please put in the following

For nick: name or like me radionutresss
Then next line channel, that's the following:
and you are in the room.

Have happy, safe, & Crazed Halloween,
Raven Jen,
73" & 33"
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