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AWR Moodbrunn 7430 not heard

Tuesday, November 01 2022

AUSTRIA Though very deep night, uncomfortable time for central European
monitor check:

7340even signal AWR wonderful lady singer of Indian subcontinental
music/songs heard via the ORS Moosbrunn relay center at 02.06 UT on Nov 1st.

S=9+30dB powerful signal on Doha Qatar Perseus SDR installation remotedly,
at ITU zones target 40E, 41NW, requested 300 kW at 94degr
in Urdu and Panaji languages,
also S=9+25dB signal in Delhi India,
S=9+15dB in Mauno's place in Finland and central Sweden SDR,
as well as
S=9+20dB strong in Zakynthos Greece SDR unit.

Neighbours 7330even CRI Kashgar 500kW S=9+10dB, and

7350even S=9+10dB CRI Pashto service from Kashgar western Xinjiang China

province center.

73 wolfy df5sx

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Hello Kai Ludwig & others,
Info from AWR that Moosbrunn Tx was transmitting their program at 0200-0300
wrongly on 7430 instead of 7340 on the last 2 days! Hope that it will be
rectified tomorrow.
73 Jose Jacob
AWR Monitor

On Mon, Oct 31, 2022 at 2:21 PM Kai Ludwig <KaiLudwig@t-online.de> wrote:

This transmission used to follow BBC Afghanistan 0030-0200 on 5930 (winter
frequency). Not so anymore, HFCC shows that this frequency is now run by
Vatican Radio and, apparently, Encompass has taken out anything else from
Moosbrunn as well.

Is this turns out to be a permanent cancellation it would mean that
Moosbrunn is now on air only between 0400 and 2100, if nothing else is
missing, too. Whatever the reasons may be – already for many years no
engineer was babysitting overnight there anymore, so it's not this kind of

At present quite a lot of gossip surrounds the Moosbrunn station, as in part
also discussed here. One rumour is that the Telefunken transmitters will no
longer be used after the end of this year and the operation be limited to
the two 100 kW Thomcast transmitters, installed in 2001 to replace old 60s
vintage gear. However, the AWR schedule, as issued just two weeks ago, shows
that the 300 kW slots continue to be booked until March.

Thus the source of the rumour should be asked if it knows the contracts
between AWR and ORS. If not a bit of restraint would not hurt, and
concentrating on confirmed facts, including of course monitoring
observations like this one.
Kai Ludwig

On Sun, Oct 30, 2022 at 09:02 PM, VU2JOS JOSE JACOB, INDIA wrote:
AWR via Moosbrunn, Austria 300 kW scheduled at 0200-0230 on 7340 in Urdu &
Punjabi in B22 is not heard yesterday and today. Other AWR transmissions
scheduled via Moosbrunn 300 kW are heard.
-- Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
Jose Jacob, VU2JOS
National Institute of Amateur
Hyderabad, India
cell: 91 94416 96043

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