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about DST and GMR program correction by MNR Bill

Friday, November 04 2022

This is the reply from Biill Tilford  regarding DST and the programschedule
Radio Angela, like the rest ofWBCQ, stays on ET year round, so yes, after November 6, UTC jumps ahead onehour.    Channel 292 in Germany does something similar with CentralEuropean Time unless a programmer complains. This week's however, is still 0230UTC.
Therefore the announcementremains as before

This Saturday 5/11  at Greek MusicRefuge   we will feature a big  tribute  to the cityThessaloniki feasted on Oct 26th   which as usually isprepared by me. You can hear us every Saturday on 5130kHZ  on 0230 to0300 UTC  via R Angela WBCQ facilities at  Monticello, ME USA

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