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2x 6180 kHz special programs this weekend

Friday, November 04 2022

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First one is the history of Radio Terrassa, an one hour program from 1978
about being 50 years on the air then. Spanish language program from
1800-1900 UTC on Friday, 4th November.
Via CJSC Yerevan Gavar Armenia

{see page #464 in WRTH 2022 issue, Dir Vladimir Ghazanchyan; wb.}

towards Europe 330 degree with 100kW

Second one is from the Radio Andorra archives. 90 minutes with Serge
Gainsbourg. On Saturday, 5th November 1700-1830 UTC on 6180 kHz via
ORS Moosbrunn Austria towards Europe 270 degrees with 100kW.

fwd - automatique translation by wb.:

Hi, there is another tip of Gavar Armenia and ORS Moosbrunn transmissions
on this weekend so far:

Radio Andorra und Radio Terrassa (EAJ-25).
Dear listeners, for the consumption of the following programme tip
we strongly recommend an open window, there will be smoke
(and not only from cigarettes).

90 minutes by and with the enfant terrible of French music history, Serge
Gainsbourg, will be available on Saturday, 05 November 2022 from 1700-1830
UTC on 6180 kHz via ORS Moosbrunn Austria.

The 1978 cassette rescued from the archives of Radio Andorra had a not
inconsiderable amount of THC - at least musically. Loosely based on Senior
Counsellor Dr. Taft: "Do you smoke pot?

Do you smoke hashish?" - it's going to be an unusual hour and a half, I can
promise you that much.

With this, the series "from the archives of Radio Andorra" enters its
preliminary finale, on 3 December there will be another 3-hour programme
with the singer Herve Vilard. There are still a few archive programmes here
that would be happy to be reworked and we also have a lot of ideas for other
Andorra revival productions with former presenters, but with the increased
costs in all areas of life, it will be difficult to finance this in the
frequency and scope just for the fun of it. However, if the crowd is
enthusiastic about such programmes, nothing stands in the way of a

is the virtual hat.

A day earlier, there's something for our Spanish-speaking radio friends: on
Friday, 04.Nov.2022, the story of Radio Terrassa - 50 years on the airwaves
will run from 18-19 UTC on 6180 kHz via Gavar towards Europe. This cassette
dates from 1978 and describes the history of the station, which was founded
in 1928. With many audio excerpts and a speaker with a hammer voice, it is
certainly also quite nice for non-speakers.

The only thing I found quickly was this Catalan Wiki entry.


{ No different languages yet. wb. }

Christian Milling-D, Nov 2 (BrDXC-UK iogroups news)

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