Hard-Core-DX.com: 2x 6180 kHz special programs this weekend

2x 6180 kHz special programs this weekend

Saturday, November 05 2022

ARMENIA sorry, sorry,
- so sorry - to give this report:

very very unusual weak like 20 kW signal on 6180 kHz,
very unlikely the use of 100kW
on a 270 / 305 / 330 degr 8 dipol rows curtain antenna,
dipole-tipped, when compared to the other Oman, Kashgar etc great signals
in 49 meterband at this 18 UT hour this Nov 4th evening,
when checked all in western Europe, at Mauno Finland place, in Greece,
in Hungary, at Doha Qatar und India installations remotedly.

It is a pity for the great commitment that
much appreciated all Christian Milling always moves,

I don't know what it was - about the thin signal tonight either.

73 wolfgang df5sx

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Listening to the history of Radio Terrassa in Spanish on 6180 kHz via
Gavar Armenia. Fair signal - clear channel, but moderate fading here in
Caversham so SINPO 35333 at best.

73, Alan

Alan Pennington
AOR 7030plus, longwire
Caversham, UK

On 03/11/2022 19:04, Christian Milling wrote:

First one is the history of Radio Terrassa, an one hour program from
1978 about being 50 years on the air then. Spanish language program
from 1800-1900 UTC on Friday, 4th November. Via Gavar towards Europe
330 degree with 100kW

Second one is from the Radio Andorra archives. 90 minutes with Serge
Gainsbourg. Saturday, 5th November 1700-1830 UTC on 6180 kHz via
ORS Moosbrunn towards Europe 270 degrees with 100kW.

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