Hard-Core-DX.com: Cuba radio on Standardtime Change 6. November

Cuba radio on Standardtime Change 6. November

Sunday, November 06 2022

CUBA RHC Spanish noted from 12 UT today, like
weak 5025even BAU, 6000even QUI - but no hx 12 MHz.

Bejucal site 100kW CeAM antenna on
9535.005 kHz delivered another weak signal today,
{was off air totally in past days .... }

from same location to Antilles SoAM outlet with half power
of 50 kW on 9710even was on usual fair strength.

11760_BAU started late, came also at 14 UT on air,
and more

also in service on 13700, 13740, 15140, and 15230 kHz too.

73 wb df5sx

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Subject: Re: [Perseus-SDR] Remote Net

My microsoft 'DOWNLOAD' directory has saved a lot of Perseus URL's

and I've used the Alberta port 8023 access though still.

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This morning no connection appears to Perseus web map access of

Today Nov 6th switch over to Standard time like EST Florida state,
or RHC also to 'normal winter' time schedule.

Not so familiar for Europeans, but need always to add/subtract when
WRMI Programming PDF sheets to get right UTC time like +4/+5hrs.

CUBA RHC English noted on three channels in 06-07 UT time slot
5039.997 odd fq Bauta against 5000 / 5010 standard fq on screen
compared S=9+15dB in TWR Bonaire Kiwi and in Alberta Canada.

6060 kHz Bauta the stronger one in North AM at S=9+10dB level, and
6100 kHz only lowered S=8 signal, latter I guess directed to
western US states / ALS azimuth.

Heard RHC Jazz program 06.40 to 07.00 UT.

6060 and 6100 kHz switched off by 07.02 UT,

only 5039.997 kHz kept on air with RHC Sunday only Esperanto sce,
latter started at 07.00:20 UTC with stn ID in Esperanto

despite like distorted AUDIO FEED B U Z Z always.
Perseus screen spectrum shows 13 x 60 Hertz apart strings
all over the carrier 5039.997 kHz.

Still EMPTY CARRIER 07.30 UT, then now at 08.03 UT too.

73 wb df5sx

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Microtelecom.it down - access denied!?
73s Urich
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