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Listening in British Columbia

Friday, November 11 2022

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From: Harold Sellers

Sent: Friday, November 11, 2022 4:59 AM
Subject: [WOR] Listening in British Columbia

Harold Sellers, Vernon, British Columbia, Canada
Listening at my DXing site outside of the city, with a CommRadio CR-1a and a
Wellbrook ALA-1530LN loop

CUBA heard with fair signals in English at 0133 on 6000 and 6165.
Nothing on 5040, 6060, 6100. Same at 0315.

CUBA 4764.998 (seldom odd fq, but today 2 Hertz lower side), Latin AM music
theme from former USSR relay site Bejucal, 50 kW,
S=9+20dB signal noted in Alberta-CAN at VE6JY's location.

5910even CUB CRI Latin AM relay from Quivican San Felipe TITAN, much much
excellent audio feed / transmission quality, En 03-04, and followed
by Cantonese sce likely, S=9+45dB tremendous signal in
at 03.47 UT on Nov 11.
6000even CUB the Cuban RHC En sce at 03.53 UT, S=9+30dB, not hx12000 kHz.
6165even Bauta in English also on air. S=9+10dB fair to proper

03.58 UT
6060even CUB Spanish sce of RHC Bauta outlet, S=9 at 03.54 UT noted
'Grande Dramaticos' literature talk.

Bad after mid night propagation condition, nothing heard of Cuban outlets
in 31, 25, 22, nor 19 meterband

6080 SAO TOME Voice of America (Pinheira) at 0300+, English, woman with
VOA News, VOA ID. - Fair, Nov. 11 Sellers-BC

9775 BOTSWANA Voice of America (Moepeng Hill) at 0303, English,
VOA News to 0305. - Good, Nov. 11 Sellers-BC

4929.997 BOT VoA 03-04 UT, S=6 signal in Alberta, 03.35 UT Nov 11.
6079.997 BOT VoA 03-04 UT, S=9-10dB signal in Alberta, 03.55 UT Nov 11.
43 degr temperature Celsius in September, 'Times Universe'

4939.987 CLM UNKNOWN stn, Spanish LatinAM canciones, S=8-9 at 03.37 UT.

4985.014 BRA Ràdio Brasil Central, BrasPort, S=6 at 03.38 UT.
and hit by heavy QRM neighbour of UTE RTTY mode transmission on
4986.575 / 4987.425 kHz excat measured, S=9+15 signal strings visible
03.40 UT.

5010 even USA WRMI on air, S=9+5dB 03.41 UT
b u t CUBAn Bauta outlets 5025 and 5040 kHz NOT ON AIR at 03.42 UT.

5800 'Jesus, Peaces of God ..., 5850, and 5950even all 3 x WRMI properly
S=9+25dB on air.
mostly 12 kHz block wide bandwidth services from Okeechobee tonight.

5129.984 USA WBCQ Angela ? program in En, S=7-8 at 03.43 UT
6159.935 USA WBCQ S=9+5dB terrible heavy roarer sermon at 03.59 UT.

Instead of RHC Bejucal in Spanish missed sce at 03.59 / 04.00 UT heard :

GEORGIA (occupied Abkhazian part, by Russia' Tsar Valdimir dictatorship
since early 90ties )
9534.802 kHz (old USSR jamming unit, minus 200 Hertz frequency of typical
5 kW power, like tip of Rumen Pankov in Sofia Bulgaria)
noted National Anthem played from Abkhazian Radio at Sukhumi bcast
center site. At 04.01 UT talk in Russian language. S=7 in Alberta.

73 wb df5sx Nov 11

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