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WMR and Radio208

Friday, November 11 2022

World Music Radio (WMR) is again broadcasting 24 hours daily on 5930 and
15700 kHz - at least for the time being. Should electrify prices increase
again, the schedule may be adjusted.

So it is - all frequencies on the air daily 0000-2400 UTC

927 kHz (300W) from Hvidovre, Copenhagen
5930 kHz (100W) from Bramming
15700 kHz (10W*) from Randers
25800 kHz (60W) from Mårslet, Aarhus

As well as via online streaming from www.wmr.radio

*) A new 300W transmitter is due to be installed for 15700 kHz within the
next few weeks. Then broadcasting hours may be reduced again.

Radio208 is currently broadcasting as follows:
1440 kHz (400W) from Ishøj, Copenhagen: daily 0400-0000 UTC.
5970 kHz (100W) from Hvidovre, Copenhagen: daily 0000-2400 UTC

As well as via online streaming from www.radio208.dk

Reception reports to WMR and Radio208 can be mailed to this address: PO Box
112, DK-8960 Randers SØ, Denmark. Please enclose 2 IRCs or 5 euro for return
postage. Please note that reception via remote receivers are not QSLed.

Best 73s
Stig Hartvig Nielsen

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