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Antipodal focusing

Saturday, November 12 2022

Unfortunately the antipodes of most of N America is in the southern Indian Ocean lacking SW - or any - transmitters. Closest landmass is Madagascar. Will have to wait another few aeons for continental drift in our favour?

For anyone not clear about this, signals going out in any/all direxions are going to converge at the exact opposite point on the globe.


On Saturday, November 12, 2022, 01:23:34 AM GMT+1, Volodya S <canswl@gmail.com> wrote:

Here's an example of what I've experienced. First, back in the early 1980s, during the height of the Cold War, my wife and I spent 6 weeks in New Zealand. All I brought along was a tiny analogue Sony SW portable. With only the whip, Radio Liberty came booming in, at local level. That was a head-scratcher, as back in Canada, it was a real DX target, and always battling Soviet jamming. There wasn't a hint of the latter in New Zealand. Poking around a globe, I realized that all signals from Spain (the former site of most of the RL transmitters to the FSU were located) were heading towards me at the antipode in New Zealand. Another example was in Maui. In the late afternoon, Radio Botswana on 60 meters would be very well heard with a simple length of wire. Again, the Hawaiian Islands are approximately antipodal to that region of southern Africa. 73, Walt

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NZ is antipodal from UK isn’t it?


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> I've always wondered why is RNZ such an easy catch in the UK? My simple mind would expect it to be impossible. Is it the raw power, or some strange mega treble bounce? Thanks

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