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Tuesday, November 15 2022

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Nikolaev radio center turned 50
on February 20, 2004

The Nikolaev radio center is 50 years old, which before the collapse of the
USSR was one of the largest and most secret sources of propaganda and
counter-propaganda. Since its founding, Ukrainian-language programs for the
United States and Canada have been at the forefront of the ideological war.
So the national foreign broadcasting from our territory is also fifty.

The employees of the radio center are proud that it was their predecessors
who controlled the flight of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and the first
transatlantic flight of Nikita Khrushchev.

Vyacheslav Superson, chief engineer of the Nikolaev radio center: "Then
scientists and engineers did not yet know how radio waves travel in space.
And in this regard, during Gagarin's flight, all short-wave radio stations
worked, medium-wave ones worked to ensure communication."

But the main task of object number 210 in Soviet times was to confront
ideological opponents. So the "enemy voices" were jammed here with might and

Vyacheslav Superson, chief engineer of the Nikolaev radio center: "We had a
workshop that was engaged in pure jamming of transmissions from abroad."
Now there can be no talk of round-the-clock foreign broadcasting. No money.

And yet, Ukrainians living in North America can listen to programs in their
native language. After all, the demand for propaganda is still there. Using
the Nikolaev rational center, the British broadcast to the Middle East. The
Caucasus and Turkey are covered by their colleagues from Russia. Both of
them pay for services, which allows the unique complex not only to survive,
but also to develop.

Of the ten transmitters of the radio center, only four have been loaded so
far. But the station staff are sure - and they have contributed to the
creation of a positive image of Ukraine in the world.


Radio censorship (fragment)
In the late 70s, a heavy-duty HF antenna was tested for long-range
broadcasting and radio suppression. It was hung on 13 towers arranged in a
parabola. The antenna compressed the main lobe of the diagram to a width of
5-10° and amplified the signal by 38 dB. The place of the experiment is the
long-range RPP No. 810 in Kopany near the Ukrainian city of Nikolaev.

7 transmitters were connected to the special antenna and their total power
was gradually increased to 3000 kW. The maximum radiated power reached
almost 19 million kW.

Control reception and signal measurements were carried out in
Washington. The experiment failed: already at a power of 2000 kW, the
reception level in America began to weaken, and at 3000 kW it disappeared.
It turned out that a super-powerful signal broke through the ionosphere and
went into space. What if he didn't leave? Western R / s would soon have to
deal with interference of enormous intensity.

An experiment with super-powerful HF radiation could also be carried out
with the aim of developing over-the-horizon radar systems for early
detection of ballistic missile launches, for studying secondary generation
in the ionosphere of ultra-low frequencies for communication with submerged

Suffice it to recall the projects that were put into practice later:
the Soviet over-the-horizon HF radar, nicknamed "Woodpecker" because
of the interference it created, the strategic r / s of the Navy "Zeus"
(82 Hz) on the Kola Peninsula and its American counterparts in the states of
Michigan and Wisconsin (76 Hz), the HAARP anti-aircraft HF radiation system
in Alaska.

After the experiment, the antenna was reconstructed by reducing its gain
from 38 to 29 dB, expanding the operating band from 3 to 16.5 MHz and the
main beam from 5-10° to 30°.

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Odessa Petrivka 1278 kHz 30 kW
called as veiled{ * } location of "Starobelsk" ITU Geneva name ...
in USSR era, location at
G.C. 46 59 36.43 N 30 53 48.30 E




{ * } USSR three decades responsible frequency manager Mr. Anatoly Titov
official as supplied by GFC:
State Radio Frequency Service;
General Radio Frequency Centre;
Division for SW, MW, LW broadcasting;
Head of Division.

re 1278 kHz Petrivka, formerly 2 decades ago, relay of "Sodruzhestvo" px

Address was announced: 113326 Moskva,
Piatnitskaya 25, Radioveshchatelnaya sluzhba "Sodruzhestvo"
(literal transl: "Commonwealth" Broadcasting Service).

- - - -

Re Luch Mykolaiev bcast center site,
during Sowjetunion era called "SMF Simferopol" veiled{ * } location name
on ITU Geneve HFCC database lists by

Since Aug 2009 Date: 16 Jul 2011 15:26:18

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We've gotten off topic a bit. I post pictures further, Piggy bank allows
me only 30 photos to post. It's a pity I took pictures of the texts on the
stands in puffs and with low quality.

The ROC LUCH Museum is not exactly closed to the public, but I think that
there were only different commissions before the feast :))

and amongst the 30 photos also,
20110714 excellent ex R Moscow North America antenna installation also
AMO-900 Antenne:



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That's the 100 kW sender from Kurisove, Odesa Oblast, between Odesa and
Mykolaiv. I'm wondering whether the big transmitter site at Luch, Ukraine
will be coming back. It's firmly in the hands of Ukraine now. Was it
damaged or destroyed by the rashists? 73, Walt

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1278 ιs heard very clear in Thessaloniki

On Tuesday, November 15, 2022, Walter Salmaniw <canswl@gmail.com> wrote:

I believe this was already reported, but here's directly from Polish Radio:


Zacharias Liangas - Temp Litohoron Greece

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