Hard-Core-DX.com: �tf-8?q?Logs with Uloop 10+11 Nov

�tf-8?q?Logs with Uloop 10+11 Nov

Wednesday, November 16 2022

Roof /noise level -140dbm at all bands

153  RACtualiţata has been seen in 1225 on LW band with 28db SNR with Polskie radio being 10 db better /. At 1444  its signal lowered.  171 medi1 fade in at 1440
At 1600 seen 234 French and 252 !

3 time signals could be found on 128.9  135.4  (a burst on 135.7 of 100 HZ wide  also ) and 138.7 kHZ
A few burst signals on  20.9 23.4  26.7  29.7 45.9 49    62.6 kHz

1125  at 2051 someone from Athens with full talking and music  underground. too much blahblah   with no ID some ID  -90dbm /42SNR
Non-intesting discussion on 1680 on nearly same time between several Greek pirates though the music has great sound quality.   One of these songs used very nasty words to say “I m not interested’ Bet signal at -60dbm 

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