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THS reception 17/11...

Wednesday, November 23 2022

with the 15/11 balun SDR1a  config

3155  Slavian pirate at 2022 moving  -85dbm signal
With even short antenna for MW the local station on 972 is heard quite well at -71dbm with nice ol Greek songs at 2028 Also another in 1602 steady at -69 dbm
5995  seen some faint signal form unknown , just carrier shown  at -90dbm seems it has some modulation but can’t be heard . in Italy with also low signal , Canary is full , nearly nothing on Cyprus Some signal in Cagliari with music form Zamfir or similar.This is possibly the anti NK clandestine EOHope as noticed in eibi
Finally the signal is RFK or similar after listening form NW Eire kSDR
6000  with CNR at 2100 from its ID as  tested via Eire -81dbm signal locally
9105 for VoP at 2114  moved wth -871dbm max
9410 and 9445  Firedragon signals on 2116 QMRing others..

Some funny signals today
-115dbm is the noise level
4450 20 kHZ wide signal OTHR typε but quite different from container 2011 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXtBxh5HcmQ
3440L  once again Greek pirate with low level Greek songs for festivities 2014
3380 2014 this signal remimd older times with CIS -XX type signals
3243v at 2020 again s trumpet or horn beacon with -87.5 dbm msc
6736  Kontayner  2108 at -97dbm  Also 6888 same time

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