Hard-Core-DX.com: Jen's & GB's Car Boot Sale Bargain podcast imminent from 1700

Jen's & GB's Car Boot Sale Bargain podcast imminent from 1700

Sunday, November 27 2022

From Jen:

Hi Glenn,

From today my Sunday cast time changes since "Leaving on a Jet Plane" Hi
From now until May the new times for my regular Sunday cast are
1700 to 2000 UT starting on Nov 27th 2022, to May 2023.

This Sunday Nov. 27th is first a 20 min short musical segment followed by GB's
cast called GB's Car Boot Sale Bargain Podcast, musical presentation. This will
be for 2 hours and some small change, then I will do a musical fill in to close
down at 2000 UT.
All on Unique Radio`s Digital Stream.

Also it would be nice to communicate with those who would like to come in
and say hi, In our live chat room.

then click on connect, then web chat
Please put in the following to access the room.

For nick: name or like me radionutresss
Then next line channel, that's the following:
and you are in the room.

Happy long weekend,
73" & 33"
see you in South FL

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