Hard-Core-DX.com: �tf-8?q?24/11 with SDR and locally

�tf-8?q?24/11 with SDR and locally

Tuesday, November 29 2022

Today the QRN is quite high with poor signals and “high static” in all bands
Some interesting 
6849u  at 1905+  with secret spay station with EE with fgs  E11 s noticed in eibi > Just marginal
6542  Kontayner OTHR 1909 with also marginal signal  
6921 FSK at 75 bd unknown mode 1914
8588  slot machine ! 1917
9860 Firedragon   1928 with a 2×6.3 kHZ wide signal
11900 . 12050 Ndarason , 12075 () , 12095 are the only signals in the 25mg band at 1940

In Phils kSDR:
9665  R Crossstrait   Radio CNR5 via the Phil kSDR with nice classical music at -65dbm sigil non 2142
9790  unsure if this is RFI , but lang is French This signal is  QMRed by a signal similar to …Buzzer

Trying to do some reception in a  nearly full kSDR..
1530  countdown songs form STP VoA ? heard with -72dbj in Za-TWR  kSDR , poor with some fair reception   ID at 2159
1424 Hellenic radio (ID? )2202 with mix of Greek songs Local station at -33dbm !
657 R Pulprit  religious program in English at 2205 also on -35dbm

Zacharias Liangas
Hard Core Radio monitor and gear tester

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