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PBS SIzhuan 6060 and others

Wednesday, November 30 2022

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6060PBSSizhuan at 1416 with YL talking in YI as eibi notices There is a strong QRMfrom splatter from the 10±KHZ wide  6065CNR2 and a bit from 6075as received  Bestreception in Khabarovsk with clear signal at -65db  Also good reception on 29/11 on 1000 There is analternative frequency on 7225 with poor signal as checked in Khabarovsk
A very  intesting  language that is very close to Tibetan Justlooking on the eibi listing PBS Sizhuan or 四川  PBS is transmitting  in both TB and Yi  Maps shows it is located very close to Bangladeshand inner Tibet
Audio https://app.box.com/s/sleqxatg0unvmt5hjqsjp0wejavsbxkw
Reception Screensot https://app.box.com/s/akr218b988oeoq0qxa3gomcn90g1444b

A few more tips in KHabarovsk  
828 Lessons of English in Japanese  Anaudo clip here https://app.box.com/s/sleqxatg0unvmt5hjqsjp0wejavsbxkw
Supposedly NHK2 as permwlist?

6140 DPRK DRM on 0957 with operas . This is in DRM mode  with S9+20 dbm signal and 14 kb bitrate  
6030  CNR Zhong guo zhe sen also in DRM at1002 with S9+20 but as with DPRK reception is with problems  even if the SNR as noticed is 16db at max . Alsoanalog at 6125 with -35dbm
6065 Nikkei 1013 talks in JJ   between man and woman.  Two carriers inside the bandwidth I think thesystem has some overloads effecting reception  
6080 PBS Hulun Buir 1019 with Turkic music and signal S9+10 signal (-55dbm ) YLwith song identification  at 1020
Old CIS2 model idling on 8656.2 at 1040 -100dbm

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