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World Music Radio on 25800 kHz

Friday, December 02 2022

Good conditions are forecast for propagation on the 11 meter band in December. Currently there is only one radio station using the 11 meter band, World Music Radio (WMR). Best chances for receiving WMR on 25800 kHz (60 Watts only) in different parts of the world - acc. to the monthly 'Funkprognose' in Radio-Kurier Weltweit Hören (thanks to Hans Zekl):

West Africa: 08-16 UTC
Central Africa: 07-16 UTC
South Africa: 06-16 UTC
East Africa: 06-15 UTC
Middle East: 07-14 UTC
South Asia: 07-12 UTC
Indonesia: 06-10 & 13-14 UTC
East Asia: around 08 UTC
South East Asia & Philippines: 07-13 UTC
Southern North America: 14-16 UTC
Eastern North America, The Caribbean & Central America: 13-16 UTC
Northern South America: 12-17 UTC
South East South America: 09-17 UTC

You might like to enjoy this video clip, showing how World Music Radio can be received on 25800 kHz some 400 km East of Moscow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Qnw5BUj7Tw

Best 73s
Stig Hartvig Nielsen

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