Hard-Core-DX.com: Re.: B22 WLC Radio Broadcast New Schedule December 10

Re.: B22 WLC Radio Broadcast New Schedule December 10

Monday, December 12 2022

B22 WLC Radio Broadcast New Schedule December 10

Website:  http://www.worldslastchance.com ;
Reception Report:  https://www.worldslastchance.com/wlc-radio/qsl

General frequency: 9330  kHz  on  the  31  Meter  Band:  Be  sure  to  confirm  the  listening  times  for  your  area  by comparing  the  UTC  time  with  your region's  local  time.  [You  can  listen  anytime  online: WLC  Radio  Episodes]  .  .  . We  deeply  value  your  feedback!  Submit  a Reception Report! (QSL)         
General frequency: 9330kHz relay WBCQ, Monticello-ME, USA.

Schedule by Time:

UTC Time  Days  Language/ Target-Area
0000-0300  daily  Portuguese/Brazil
0300-0500  daily  Spanish/nSAm
0500-1700  daily  English/All NAm
1700-1800  daily  German/Germany
1800-1900  daily  French/France
1900-2100  daily  English/UK
2100-2200  daily  Spanish/Spain
2200-2300  daily  Portuguese/Portugal 
2300-2400  daily  Portuguese/Brazil 

Soon, I believe, we will have new changes! Will it be?
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