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Slovakia to end medium wave broadcasting

Friday, December 16 2022

The text contains some errors. If you evaluate the real satellite images
between the years 2011 and 2021 in Google Earth and in Google Maps
on Slovak Republic.

SLOVAK REPUBLIC Slovakia to end medium wave broadcasting.
Posted yesterday by Ydun Ritz in the MWlist group.

Google translate:
"Termination of Slovak Radio's medium wave broadcasting.
On 31 December 2022, Radio and Television of Slovakia will end the opera-
tion of medium-wave radio transmitters:

NE Kosice in the Cizatice location on a frequency of 720 kHz.
{rather 702 kHz frequency instead, wb.}

SVK_Kosice_Cizatice_1521kHz_600 / 200kW_Sep 24, 1995 year inauguration,
ceased / scrapped in January 2001 ! location at :
48 47 55.00 N 21 24 01.45 E

SVK_MW Presov_702kHz 200kW, last visible 2 masts in Sep 2011 image of G.E.
48 56 55.30 N 21 16 04.01 E

but 702 kHz MW mast seen in September 2021 image at
SVK_Banska Bystrica 702 kHz 200 kW 1035 / 7 kW, location at

48 45 20.15 N 19 07 08.76 E

streetview image

NE Nitra in the Jarok location on the frequency 1098 kHz.

SVK_Nitra Jarok 927 kHz 50 kW old TX site,
still a MW mast image visible today on G.E.
48 17 16.77 N 17 59 24.45 E

streetview image

and some 6 kilometers westerly ...
newer Jarok sister high power MW station stn,
scrapped after 2006 year
SVK_Nitra Jarok rather Velke Zaluzie site on 1098 kHz 750 kW
no MW masts image seen anymore in 2013 year, at location
48 16 38.04 N 17 54 43.81 E

and a 3rd Slovak MW location mentioned in previous WRTH 2022 issue as
SVK_Rimavska Sobota 1521 kHz, MW mast seen still even in June 2021 image
48 24 06.58 N 20 07 22.32 E


Both transmitters were used to broadcast the national broadcast of Radio
Patria between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. in the evening. In the night hours,
it was supplemented by the broadcasting of the RTVS Radio Devin program
service. Medium wave radio broadcasting accompanied its listeners for
a long time - from 1926 to the present day. Medium wave broadcasting was

gradually replaced by FM broadcasting in the VHF band and listeners on
medium waves gradually decreased. Today, Slovak Radio is expanding its
coverage in the T-DAB+ digital broadcasting standard in band III."

There are links on the webpage to a long timeline on the history of broad-
casting in Czechoslovakia and Slovakia with photos and audio and article
on their DAB+ history and expansion at the link for those interested, both
translate well to English.


(Mike Barraclough-UK, BrDXC-UK ng via wor Dec 16)

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The correct frequency is 702 kHz, not 720 as stated on the website.
73s Ydun
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