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This week on Greek music refuge

Friday, January 20 2023

Jan 21 this Saturday mywife introduces the singer Thanos Kalliris a singer of 90s with mostly pop songs He seemsstopping from singing after 10 years since his peak… This program presents afew of his top hits. 

You can hear us every Saturday on 5130kHZ  on 0330 to 0400 UTC  via R Angela WBCQ facilities at  Monticello, ME USA We welcome and honor e-QSLs only available, ifyou provide a full reception report and advise which remote SDR used withquality of reception. 

Remain agenda :

Jan 27 new Dangdut & Beyond program with twosisters in 3 very beautiful songs! . The only I require is your recording sentto my address!

Next Sat 28/1 with Haritodiplomenos As with Kaliris heis a pop singer

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