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Radio Delta Int on air now...

Sunday, February 12 2023

Sunday Febr 12 log:

NETHERLANDS 11730.011 kHz little odd fq.
In Europe excellent propagation despite of 49 mb usually,
today also on 41, 31 and loud on 25 mb around 06.30 to 07.50 log on Sunday Febr 12.

R Delta International Elberg Holland.

Morning music greetings show noted around 07.12 and 07.14 UT, greetings
to listener “Harry ...”, S=7 signal in central Europe, Switzerland and Poland SDRs checked.

CUBA 5024.996 Radio Rebelde Bauta Cuba, nice LatinAMerican dance music at 06.48 UT
S=9+40dB powerhouse signal into Edmonton, Alberta heard remotedly.

5040 kHz nil, nothing on air of RHC Bauta on this channel.

5999.999 The one and only RHC bcast station channel this morning at 05.52 UT, from
Quivican San Felipe TITAN bcasting center of 250 kW beasts, of Made in USSR/Russia origin
S=9+45dB powerhouse signal in Alb-CAN remotedly.

Slight BUZZ tone accompanied and three BUZZ strings seen on screen
on 120, 240, and 360 Hertz distance apart.
10.2 kHz wide audio block in peaks.

MEXICO 6184.969 Radio Educacion, Mexico D.F., rather modern symphonic classical
music of disharmony played at 06.56 UT on Sunday Febr 12.

USA 9329.969 Much odd fq aligned outlet of WBCQ Monticello ME state in north-eastern
US Atlantic coast. Fluttery S=7 signal in Alberta though, at 07.04 UT Sun Febr 12.

6159.938 same station WBCQ Monticello ME S=9+20dB signal at 07.26 UT Febr 12.

UZBEKISTAN 11549.900 kHz likely 04.20 to 1200 UT sce of Radyo Denge Welat,
Kurdish national radio program via Tashkent bcast center on usual offset
of 100 Hertz lower flank side. Even in central Europe S=9+15dB signal at 07.18 UT.

TURKEY Accompanied Pres Recep Erdogan state jamming at same time slot on
11580.008 kHz (meant against Kurdistan national people radio service on shortwave
11550v kHz) S=9+5dB signal here in central Europe, at 07.22 UT.
Typical Turkish folk mx of flute and string instruments played at this hour.

ROMANIA RRI Bucharest’s German morning sce via Tiganesti bcast center at 07.00-07.27
noted very strong this morning on 9440 kHz AM S=9+45dB, and
11620 kHz DRM digital bcast S=9+30dB signals. Talk commentary about Romanian “Wood”
industry delivery towards all-Europe.

NEW ZEALAND 13755.015 oddly fq on upper-flank this morning, at 07.33 UT S=9+25 signal across
Pacific into Edmonton-Alb-Canada SDR remotedly.
05.59-13.58 UT target is western Pacific at Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.
R NZ Pacific sce NOT on air on 11725 nor 15720 kHz at this hour.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]

(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 12)

From: Kari Kallio
Sent: Sunday, February 12, 2023 7:37 AM

Subject: Re: [WOR] Radio Delta Int on air now...
11730 also running now...
and Tatu is informing that the "18-language Language Carousel program will be broadcast on Delta Radio International on Sunday 19 February. at 8-9 UTC"
br kkx.
su 12. helmik. 2023 klo 8.05 Kari Kallio via groups.io (kjo.kallio=gmail.com@groups.io) kirjoitti:
on 6020 kHz later on 11730 kHz--- stay tune
gm br Kari
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