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HCDX Update

Sunday, February 19 2023


On February 13, 2023, Audacy announced that KDWN 720 kHz would be signing off on March 1, while the translator would remain on air with the same programming. In November 2022, Audacy sold the land that the AM transmitter sat on for $ 40 million. KDWN is diplexed with KXST near the Las Vegas Motor on the same day; Audacy also announced that KXST would also go dark.

For many DXers, KDWN 720 is their only Nevada log, and the loss of the signal will make it even more difficult to log the Silver State. But in the midst of this bad news, there is a brief silver lining for DX hounds. KDWN and KXST Chief Engineer Tracy Teagarden announced on the “I Love AM Radio” Facebook group that “K-Dawn” would be going out with one last hurrah:

KWDW DX Test on February 28, 2023 at 23:59 Pacific Time (7:59 UTC) for ten (10) minutes only. The test will be conducted at the full daytime power of the station, which is 25,000 watts since 2020. We don’t have information about which antenna pattern the station will use, but this is the best chance to log K-Dawn in years.

Programming will be “unique” but will not feature Morse Code or sweep tones. The Courtesy Program Committee did inquire about adding some of this material and possibly extending the length of the test. Neither could be arranged in the short time frame available. Mr. Teagarden has been very helpful and open to hobbyists, so please don’t complain. It’s not his decision.

I just wanted to let you know that there's no QSL information currently available. If you seek a QSL from the test, please be polite in writing the station, which will continue as an FM translator. Please don't send multiple requests, call the station or be rude. The CPC would strongly suggest sending a pre-filled card or letter, requiring only a signature from station personnel. Include a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE).

Remember this test begins at 23:59 on Feb 28 Pacific Time.

This is 00:59 Central Time.
02:59 Eastern Time.
07:59 UTC.

Don’t miss your last chance to log the Talk of Las Vegas and the last whisper of KDWN.


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