Hard-Core-DX.com: Starlight /VoMongolia /Zeppelin transmissions on 21.3 (err + adds)

Starlight /VoMongolia /Zeppelin transmissions on 21.3 (err + adds)

Thursday, March 23 2023

two additions for below : correction for Mongolia frequency plus screenshot
interesting video for Zepelin (others)

(A)Starlight radio via space shuttle  on 9289.938±50Hz
on 13 and14z today 21 with variable carrier via Skanderborg DK  the only SDR thatcan  receive clear their signal in Europe/Sporadic QRM /QRN from ALE , wideband noise and another full band QRM andprogram with rock songs some of them very crazy  . Heard the name of Dan Robinson on 14z andmine two times after 1415z  
Any other places with just traces in the waterfall including Wessex and other 9kSDRs in 2 hours! QTH at Mt Olympus  and outdoors[piscine ] with no signal  .
17500 empty 25800 with some poor signal

(B)21/5 V o Mongolia  has been heard via Novosibirsk SDR with signal -70dbm on 12084.88 with 1x50Hz ,2x100HZ  audio strings in both sidebands plus more 3 100HZ harmonics or lowerlevel Time 0955
Screenshot below but if can't be shown please look here  https://app.box.com/s/bq6rzl7u61cedpf8luyqz27s5msibq0x


(C)Just listening to Zeppelin  the only Greek station on shortwaves from 1750to 1810 on 6290 with the pl330 and external 20+ m antenna coupled on theradio’s antenna with 38/10 signal (good) Western pop songs mix and ID on 1750and 18(v)

Kept in the frequency for more than 2 hours ofsporadic listening to around 20z  with nearly the same music format while experimenting with different head and ear-phones for the most isolatingsound due to relatively high volume from the nearby TVInteresting  video:  On 2155 the Ralph Bender made a 2 min video recording with the station airing some Greek songs of 70s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rilBc3TbtdI

Zacharias Liangas

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