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A new Saudi network on Shortwave.

Wednesday, March 29 2023

SAUDI ARABIA [and others]

today Wednesday March 29 around 04.00 - 06.15 UT traced Saudi various radios
on shortwave via Doha Qatar, Delhi India,
Akitakata (安芸高田市, Akitakata-shi) Hiroshima Japan, Athens Greece, Hungary
and Poland Perseus units remotedly.

11745.011 ARS Al Azm army radio program towards Yemen battelfield, via
Jeddah (supp.) site. S=9 at 04.02 UT.
Sudden sideband QRM at 05.00-05.29 UT of DRM digital mode sce on lower
11740 DRM kHz channel of ROU / RRI Galbeni in French language.

11859.861 kHz ARS Yemen excile radio program from Riyadh (likely).
S=9 at 04.05 UT, S=9+35dB at 05.13 UT.

15170.057 kHz ARS Holy Quran Arabic morning prayer px at 04.08 UT,
S=9+25dB excellent audio transmission.

15285.017 ARS R Saudi International Ramadan prayer in Indonesian(!)
language, interspersed with typical Saudi classical music. S=8-9 at 04.11

17830 DRM mode CHN CNR1 Urumqi 01-08 UT, S=9 at 04.18 UT.

17720.013 TUR TRT Emirler with regular Malay(!) langauge sce at 04-05 UT
S=9+35dB signal in Doha Qatar, Turkish flute folk mx at 04.21 UT March 29.

17470even kHz S=9+20dB signal of most probably Kurdish national radio
program Denge Welat at 04.24 UT. 16 kHz wideband audio block,
BUT when checked at 04.32 UT was moved upwards to
17480 kHz instead.

17460.010 TUR TRT Emirler parked here their Erdogan Turkish
music jammer of MIT security network, at 04.26 UT.

17530even MDG WCB MWV Chinese noon network to Beijing at 04-05 UT
S=9+20dB signal in Qatar at 04.30 UT.

15030.004 IND AIR on the 4th - faulty performanced - 500 kW beast, with
whistle tone 'heterodyning audio up and down' tone. 04.33 UT March 29.
Persian langauge sce 04.00-05.30 UT, AIR various contact addresses given
at 04.39 - 04.40 UT. S=9+40dB powerful reception at Doha Qatar SDR.

15185.007 IND AIR Bangalore in Pashto to AFG, 04.30-06.00 UT at 04.43UT
S=9+20dB in Qatar.

15470 kHz OTHR NE/ME S=9 at 04.45 UT.

15629.836 kHz UZB Persian TV 'Iran International' via Tashkent bcast
relay center at 04.47 UT, proper signal.

15720.013 NZL R NZ Pacific from Rangitaiki site, only S=6 signal at 04.49

15770even USA Radio Liberty Russian morning sce at 04-05 UT, via WRMI
Okeechobee-FL state. S=9+15dB in Doha Qatar Middle East at 04.50 UT.

15814 kHz STANAG digital block, at 04.51 UT.

15870 kHz OTHR NE/ME S=9 at 04.52 UT on March 29.

13650.003 KRE D.P.R. Voice of Korea, via Kujang center, Fr/En 04-06 UT,
S=9+10dB in NE/ME SDR unit.

11559.775 kHz IND AIR Pashto language MUCH ODD outlet likely from
Delhi Kingsway center, 04.30-06.00 UT, backlobe S=7 at 04.56 UT.

11600even BUL two minutes to the hour, test tone procedure at
Spaceline bcast center Sofia Kostinbrod, some 220 Hertz buzz tones
heard at S=9 level around 04.59 - 05.00 UT, when / then
TOM Brother Stair religious sermon started

11759.967 IRN
11760 kHz 0130 0600 UT to zone 39 SIR 500 198 146 Ara IRN ARBIC-S

morning Ramadan Holy Quran prayer of Shiaism world towards
Sunni Islam world southwards to Saudi Arabia, Near East, NE Africa.
S=9+40dB powerhouse signal at 05.10 UT. Iran ID mentioned often
around 05.15:09 UTC.

11620.004 IND AIR Bangalore, Dari sce to AFG / IRN, S=9 at 05.16 UT.
04.30-06.00 UT.

9770.006 TUR TRT Ankara via Emirler, Turkish morning sce at 04-06UT
At 05.18 UT Ramadan morning song program.

9725.007 IRN IRIB Sirjan in Arabic, 03.30-06.00 UT, S=8 in Doha Qatar
at 05.20 UT.

6040even probably ALG RTA Ourgla, to WeAF, western Sahel,
Arabic at 05.24 UT, scheduled 00 - 07 UT probably.

21 MHz band
21560 kHz BBC London via Al Seela OMA, NOTED at 05.27 UT.

CNR1 jamming against TWN SOH on 21490, 21530, 21640, 21800 kHz

21690 kHz CNR1 too, and USAGM Tinian Island co-channel too.

17460.011 TUR TRT Emirler - likely - S=9+20dB at 05.31 UT.

program Denge Welat at 05.32 UT. 16 kHz wideband audio block,
much QRM of
17485 kHz CHN CRI Arabic via Kashi - Kashgar Xinjiang western Tibet,
scheduled 05-07 UT.

17790even MDG AWR Arabic via Talata Volonondry, 05-06 UT Arabic,
S=9+10dB in Doha Qatar at 05.36 UT.

17800 DRM digital mode bcast, CHN CNR1 Mandarin via Kunming at
southern China requested 04-08 UT, S=9+5dB at 05.37 UT.

15030.005 IND AIR Bangalore in Arabic, 05.30-06.30 UT S=9+10dB
at 05.59 UT on March 29.

15050 kHz OTHR S=9+20dB strength at 06.00 UT in Doha Qatar.

15285.016 ARS SBA International in Swahili, nx at 06.03 UT, S=9+10dB

15320.013 TUR TRT Emirler, Hausa WeAF sce, S=9, string instrument
and female Turkish Ramadan singer program. 06.05 UT.

15380.058 kHz ARS Saudi HQ px Riyadh, Arabic sermon female(!) voice
in Ramadan, S=9+10dB at 06.11 UT.

17480even likely Denge Welat Kurdish radio much stronger at 06.13 UT

17460.011 kHz TUR TRT Emirler MIT jammer Turkish mx at 06.15 UT.

73 wb df5sx
wwdxc germany

-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
From: Wolfgang Bueschel

Sent: Tuesday, March 28, 2023
Subject: Re: [WOR] A new Saudi network on Shortwave.

today Tuesday March 28 around 13.30 - 16.10 UT traced Saudi various radios
on shortwave via Doha Qatar, Delhi, Akatikata Hiroshima Japan, Athens
Greece, Hungary and Poland Perseus units.

Some of the international lang sce are off at present,
also HQ/Arabic sces to western world at EUR and AF in 15 and 17 MHz channel
bands are out of service.

9650.039 ... x.040 kHz Non-directional NE/ME Saudi Arabic sce, 09 - 21 UTC,
S=9+15dB noted at 13.40 UT.

9695even R Saudi in Pashto AFG 14-16 UT, at 13.56 UT carrier on air,
but empty no px modulation, around 14.15 UT TX switched OFF by the

13775.014 R Saudi in Urdu to PAK, 12-15 UT, powerhouse S=9+40dB at 13.51.

21489.895 kHz UNID program,
Tashkent bcast center like outlet at 14.20 UT, S=8-9 in Qatar and Japan

21550even ALG RTA Bechar 11-18 UT requested, S=9 14.21 UT.

21630even UAE BBC London Hausa sce to AF, via Al Dhabbaya, S=9+15dB 14.22

Bad mixture of Denge Welat (?)
17460even S=9+15dB at 14.28 UT, and
17460.011 TUR TRT Erdoan MIT security network, 14.30 UT.

17630even MLI CRI African sce in En via Bamako II relay site of RTC,
14.30-16.00 UT

17745even UAE BBC London in Somali 14-15 UT Mo-Fr only, via Al Dhabbaya, S=9

17770.013 TUR TRT Emirler in Arabic, 14-14.57 UT, to NoAF / Sahel zone.
14.32 UT

11745.013 ARS Al Azm army radio Djeddah? at 14.34 UT back at S=9+30dB
signal level.

surprise, surprise - 11860 kHz Yemen excile radio co-channel bad mixture of
11859.965 kHz bad odd mix with IRIB Sirjan in HIndi to SoAsian subcontinent,
requested 14.20-15.20 UT.

13710.050 ARS HQ Arabic prayer to NoAF/Sahel zone, at 15.12 UT, 14.57-17.57
UT and bad audio signal mixture of co-channel
13709.991 kHz CHN CRI Kunming relay in Turkish, 15-17 UT, 14.40 UT.

13690even ARM TWR India via Gavar relay center, S=9+25dB 13.15-15.00 UT

13820even KWT USAGM Pashto sce 13-17 UT S=9+20dB to AFG.

15375.009 TUR TRT Emirler Turkish to EUR 13.00-15.57 UT, S=9+20dB in Doha
Qatar backlobe signal.

15390 DRM mode outlet of KTWR Guam 15.15-15.45, Tue-Fri only to SoAS,
S=9+20dB signal in Doha Qatar.

15520even surprise, surprise REE Noblejas in Spanish, much early on Tuesday
at 15.10 UT, S=9+25dB in Qatar ME.

15615.016 GUM AWR KSDA Facpi Point island, Gujarati SoAS 15.30-16.00 UT,
S=9+15dB signal in Doha ME. 15.30 UT.

15629.836 UZB Persian opposite TV px Iran International bcast via Tashkent
bc relay center, 04.30-16.30 UT (seemingly, ?) S=9+20dB, 15.33 UT.

15670.012 GUM AWR KSDA Facpi Point island, English 15.30-16.00 exc. Th/Fr
in Tibetan instead, 15.40 UT.

15679.997 GUM AWR KSDA Facpi Point island, Kannada to SoAS at 15.47 UT.
S=9+10dB signal strength in Doha Qatar.

17480even all probably Denge Welat Kurdish national radio program signal
underneath of much stronger
17480.012 kHz TUR Erdogan middle-east music jamming via Emirler site,
proper strong Turkish S=9+35dB signal at 15.52 UT on Tue March 28.

17700even U.K. BBC London Hausa language, Mon-Fri 15.30-16.00 UT via
ENC Woofferton relay in England, S=9+20dB at 15.57 UT.

17880even MLI CRI African sce in Arabic to EAF/NE/ME target, via Bamako II
relay site of RTC, at 16.02 UT, S=9+5dB.

7240 kHz Saudi Radio in Persian service, requested at 15-18 UT NOT ON AIR.

9790.033 ARS EMPTY CARRIER S=9+15dB signal in Qatar, Saudi request in
Persian at 15 - 17 UT. Switch-off after a quarter hour by the technician.

9650.040 ARS requested Arabic peninsula program 09-21 UT towards
Yemen target, S=9+20dB strength, but low modulation though.

9885even ARS Saudi R International in Uzbek lang, much low modulation
level, 16-17 UT S=9+15 dB.

13709.994 CHN CRI Beijing in Turkish
much BAD audio channel MIXTURE at S=9+30dB signal
13710.054 ARS Holy Quran in Arabic prayer, 16-18 UT to NoAf/Sahel zone,
S=9+30dB. 16.10 UT on March Tue 28.

73 wb df5sx
wwdxc germany

-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
From: Wolfgang Bueschel

Sent: Tuesday, March 28, 2023 11:51 AM
Subject: Re: [WOR] A new Saudi network on Shortwave.

today Tuesday March 28 around 07.30 - 08.30 UT

11745.009 kHz Al Azm army radio Jeddah NOT ON AIR 07 - 08.55 UT, maybe
appear later the day.
yes, heard after 09.00 UT on air again in Doha Qatar on
11745.013 kHz at S=9+30dB level.

9650.037 non-directional steep angle antenna at Jeddah site,
NOT ON AIR 07 - 08.55 UT, maybe appear later the day. TRT Emirler on
9655.003 next door.

13720.057 kHz 07.00 - 08.55 UT ARS Indonesian/Malay language sce ON AIR,
but schedule request is Somali language towards Horn of Africa instead,
excellent signal noted in Athens and Doha Qatar Perseus SDR remotedly.

11859.960 kHz Yemen excile radio - likely also from Jeddah site (?) - around
07.55 UT, S=9+35dB strong at Doha Qatar.
But instead observed via another different TX unit much stronger level
at 08.57 UT on
11860.044 kHz probably from Riyadh bcast center instead, on upper flank the
channel unit.

13780 kHz at Doha Qatar SDR Perseus unit:
BAD MIXTURE as much often monitored in past decade:
seemingly an IRAN Sirjan 500 kW unit on 13779.960 kHz covers
13780.045kHz ARS SBA R Riyadh Arabic sce outlet,
accompanied by 2 x 120 / 240 Hertz main power strings visible
of the Continental tx.

15380.057 kHz Holy Quran px noted as usual at 07.32 UT.

17730even ARS HQ prayer at 05.55-08.57 UT, powerful signal in Athens and
Doha Qatar.

21470even UNID Arabic singer around 08-10 UT S=9, could be the new ARS radio
program, which told Tarek:

new Saudi network called "Alarabiya FM".

But somewhat sound like Kurdish/Persian Denge Welat ? at 09.40 UT. HELP.

15120even ARS R Saudi Internat in Bangla to South Asia, 09.00-11.57 UT,
S=9+25dB in Doha Qatar started at 09.00 UT today March 28.

21670.023 ARS R Saudi Internat in Indonesian, requested 09.00-11.57 UT
since decades .... S=9 in Qatar and Delhi India Perseus SDR.

17570 kHz requested by Saudis, is totally covered by CRI En via Urumqi 500

beast at 09-10 UT.

17460 UNID ME / IRN / AFG 08-10 UT, HELP.

some others:
13630.003 kHz IRAN Persian/Dari sce to AFG from Sirjan, S=9+30dB 08.00 UT.
13635.008 kHz TUR TRT Turkish at 08.10 UT.

17879.997 THA USAGM Udorn Thani Ban Dung in Dari/Pashto R Mashaal 08.20 UT.

21800even Highest CNR1 National radio jammer against TWN SOH, S=9+10 in Doha
at 08.43 UT. Also on 21490even and 21530even at 08.47 UT.
21580even F__ RFI TDF Issoudun at 08-09 UT, S=8 at 08.46 UT.

73 wb df5sx
wwdxc germany

-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
From: DF5SX@darc.de

Sent: Monday, March 27, 2023 11:14 PM
Subject: Re: [WOR] A new Saudi network on Shortwave.

Re Kai's monitoring:

today Monday March 27 around 20.00 - 20.55 UT

11745.009 kHz Al Azm army radio Jeddah at 20.20 UT on air

9650.037 non-directional steep angle antenna at Jeddah site,
low ( 10 % ) modulated Arabic NE / ME service as usual.

9674.988 kHz 18.00 - 20.55 UT ARS Indonesian/Malay language sce,
excellent signal noted in Athens and Doha Qatar Perseus SDR remotedly.

11930even kHz nothing, despite likely NoAM(?) tiny signal.

11859.960 kHz Yemen excile radio - likely also from Jeddah site - around
20.40 UT.

73 wb df5sx

ps. probably refurbishing work at Riyadh broadcast center at present,
though their 9 x highpower transmitter are mostly not elder than a decade

These UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia states are also developing
architecturally rapidly and with enormous amounts of money,
see Qatar Football World Cup grandiose urban development -
- so - do the Saudi's perhaps need the Riyadh TX site
for other government or urban building development soon ?

From: Kai Ludwig
Sent: Sunday, March 26, 2023
Subject: Re: [WOR] A new Saudi network on Shortwave.

What is actually the current use of the shortwave transmitters in Saudi
Arabia? Are the Riyadh facilities, meanwhile encircled by construction
sites, still in operation at all? Tonight nothing can be confirmed on 9555,
9650, 7425, 11820, 11915. Probably active are 9675 and 11930, and pretty
likely the two specials on 11745 and 11860. Definitely Riyadh Radio on 1521.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhpuSD1xnvM pretty much looks as if the new
radio program has been set up at Dubai as well. Just the Al Arabiya boss
appears to be in Riyadh or to move back and forth between both locations...

Jamie is of course not an Arabic name.

And he has an opinion about current affairs at his former 200,000 pound per
year gig.

Sorry for two Daily Fail links at once, but other articles on these matters
are paywalled.

Kai Ludwig

On Fri, Mar 24, 2023 at 05:15 AM, tarek zeidan wrote:
Hello ,
A new Saudi network called "Alarabiya FM" was observed last week
transmitting in Arabic on 21475 KHz from 11:00 UTC and for one hour only.
AlArabiya " The Arabic language in English " is a well know Saudi funded
network started with a 2 TV networks AlArabiya and Alhadath mainly as a news
network to be the Saudi voice against the Qatari funded Network "

Adding an FM station that started transmitting in Jeddah on 106.6 MHz and in
Riyadh on 103.5 MHz .
Using the same slogan as the TV network ....AlArabiya FM ..to know more .
Here's a recording of the reception in Cairo,Egypt .

AlArabiya FM 21745 KHz 2023-03-24 11-52-46UTC.mp3 | Powered by Box
A live stream of the network can be heard here
Best 73
Tarek Zeidan

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