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VoA and RFA QSLs

Thursday, April 13 2023

Am 12.04.2023 um 18:04 schrieb Artur Fernandez Llorella:

I have got the same experience. Easy and fast answer from RFA but no
answer from VOA e-mail address. I don't know the reason.

Thanks, Artur, James and Harald, you know, there are also email
addresses like this: "manager_thailand@....". If I remember correctly,
they answered a few times. Does anyone know where these people work, in
Washington or the designated countries?

Maybe the usagm@gov address is one of those notorious community
addresses where different people have access but no one is really
responsible. Perhaps I send a follow up to manager_saipan, because
broadcasts are also aired from there, on short wave.

vy 73! Frank

Frank Helmbold DB9DT, Radio Amateur and SWL
Rotenburg(Wuemme) in Northern Germany, JO43rc
AM: Elad FDM-S2 with SDR-Console V3, terminated deltaloops west and east
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