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Radio Romaina International Reception

Monday, April 17 2023

ROMANIA 15170 kHz Fq change of RRI Tiganesti, Spanish to Iberia /
SoAM ARG/CHL/URG target at 247 degrees

13650 2100 2200 14 TIG 90 247 0 288 1234567 260323 291023 N = DRM mode
Spa ROU RRO ROU 3809

Instead of 15130 kHz noted yesterday April 16 on 15170 kHz channel
15130 2100 2200 14 TIG 300 247 0 288 1234567 260323 291023 D Spa ROU RRO ROU 3812

Checked all 15 MHz channels at this hour, but the reason for the change
to 15170 kHz is not clear to me.

73 wb df5sx

From: Richard Langley
Sent: Sunday, April 16, 2023 11:10 PM
Subject: [WOR] Radio Romaina International Reception

Excellent reception yesterday (15 April) for both the western European directed transmission at 22:00 UTC on 9740 and 11800 kHz and the eastern North American transmission at 00:00 UTC (technically, 16 April) on 9550 and 11620 kHz here in NB. Using a Belka-DX receiver in pseudo-synchronous mode, the recorded audio was very good with minimal selective fading. These hour-long broadcasts include some music selections, including "All That Jazz" today (Saturdays). The audio was almost as good as the DRM half-hour broadcasts, which typically don't feature music. The Saturday (Sunday UTC for North America) broadcasts supposedly include DX Mailbag/Listeners Letterbox but there wasn't one on 15/16 April. Is it only once per month? According to reports I have seen, there was one on 1/2 April.

-- Richard Langley
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