Hard-Core-DX.com: Some radio items for sale including Wellbrook antenna heads

Some radio items for sale including Wellbrook antenna heads

Monday, April 17 2023

My wife and I are moving to a condo, so no storage space anymore, and no
need for a lot of radio gear. Please email me directly if you're
interested in any of the items listed below with your offers.

1.) AN/URM-25D RF Signal Generator set with all connectors. ex CF

3.) Wellbrook ALA100 antenna heads x8 (including 2 which are the LN

4.) 6:1 milspec passive BNC antenna splitter with silver connectors

5.) 4:1 Hatfield BNC passive antenna splitter

6.) FREE! 4 spools of wire/coax At least several hundred feet. Military
surplus Free with pickup

7.) TMC Canada LF/HF active Multicoupler Type TMC 6806. Used by DOT
Canada. 8 outputs. BNC type. Rare and highly desirable!

8.) Extremely rare and collectible. Fully functioning. CU-5069/FRD-10A
(V) RCA, Montreal Canada NATO part # 5985-21-862-1565 32 output
Multicoupler. Serial 107. Quite pristine. Used in CFS Masset for
their FRD-10A Wullenweber array. A very rare gem!!!

9.) Collins R390A complete tube set. Should all be NOS.

10.) Racal RA 117 complete tube set. Should be all NOS

11.) Collins R390A Recap kit

12.) Gold Line 1042A 5 position antenna switch (rotary)

13.) Collins R390A original replacement lamps (8) NOS

14.) Headset HS-16A 1950/1960s vintage. NIB. Never opened. Mfg date
12/65 NATO # 5965-16001055 Vintage and collectible!

15.) RARE! Philips DC777 AM/FM/SW/Cassette car radio. Fully functional. I
used it in my VW van for a number of years, and carefully removed it when I
sold the VW
This is the only way to comfortably listen to SW while on the

16.) Large bag of Toroids (LFB259128-000 Low Frequency EMI Cylindrical
Ferrite Cable Cores) Paid about $ 150 for these.

17.) Bag of various BNC/SO259 and N connectors and adaptors. Several lbs

18.) Delta – 4 antenna switch

19.) Box of multiple old meters, many fans (12 and 24 v….mostly new)

21.) Zap Trapper
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