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Music4joy again - with SDRs this Tue

Thursday, April 20 2023

Unsure if i sent it ,i send again ...
ONce again a monotonous recurring e-pop  sound is used for the Music4joy this week different than of the previous week.This time the sound is not recognized. I shazamed two times for NO RESULT I really wonder why they usethis  bad sounded computer generatedmusic  instead  of something other that can be morerecognized..  1 minute for carrier andthen cash band sound1800+ on 11790 with -53dbm maximum with depthsto-85dbm At 1823 maxima gomne to -65dbm B/W 5kHz11775 CRI in ?? 11770   11760 CNR Hammer  

9755 start on 1828.50 with carrier then crash bangmusic  -53dbm QRM by CRI Serbian orsame   ca -64dbm /-110dbm noise 5.4Khzwide

9800 the freq  is clear past 9 ON 1956  Cairo 9810 started in FF with distorted audio-65dbdm signal but easily understandable in my herdphones. On 195850 Joy startswith carrier in 9880kHZ  while on exact 20zwith modulation ON exact same time two station start on 9780 (AWR FF ) and 9790(RFI  FF )  with the same signal level as Joy(-75dbm )

Zacharias Liangas

Music Producer Greek Music Refuge / Dangdut  and Beyond via R Angela 5130kHz
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