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Third harmonic of Vanuatu

Tuesday, May 16 2023

Likely also Vanuatu in UTC morning ?

7259.999 Most likely VUT R Vanuatu, S=6 poor signal in Alberta-CAN remotedly,
low modulation -83dBm. At 06.27 UT on May 14, in Edmonton Alberta.

Log May 14 and 16 on Perseus net SDR units
in Michigan, Alberta and Tokyo Japan:

5024.996 CUB R Rebelde from Bejucal site, speedy music of S=9+30dB
at 06.10 UT on May 14.
5040 kHz RHC Bauta - nil signal, empty channel.
5800even JBA signal, likely WRMI Okeechobee only EXCITER signal 06.11 UT
5850even USA WRMI BS TOM sermon En, S=9+35dB powerhouse in Edmonton-Alb
5889.995 USA WWCR Nashville TN, BS TOM sermon, S=9+40dB powerhouse 06.14
5935even USA WWCR Universal Radio sermon En, S=9+30dB at 06.15 May 14
some 120 Hertz main power BUZZ tone heard.
6000even CUB RHC Quivican San Felipe TITAN 250kW beast, S=9+45dB power-
house strong, English stn ID at 06.18 UT.
6009.970 BRA JBA station Brazilian Inconfidencia PY2GN noted and confirm-
ed on remote KIWI SDR at Sao Paulo Brazil too, 06.19 UT May 14.
6069.990 CAN CFRX Toronto, En female presenter talk, S=9+5dB at 06.21 UT
6159.933 USA WBCQ Monticell in Maine east coast US, BS TOM sermon, at
06.23 UT on May 14. Some 120 Hertz strings visible.
6184.968 MEX R Educacion XEPPM, S=9+10dB heard at 06.25 UT in Alberta.

7259.999 Most likely VUT R Vanuatu, S=6 poor signal in Alberta-CAN,
low modulation -83dBm. 06.27 on May 14.
9330even USA WBCQ Monticello Maine-US, WLC in English, S=9+30dB powerful
signal at 06.32 UT.
9410even ASC BBC London WS English, S=9+30dB powerful at 06.33 UT
comment on Turkey national President and parliament election.
and also another Ascension Isl relay nearby on
9440even ASC BBC London in Hausa to WeAF, little less strength S=9+20dB
at 06.34 UT on May 14.
9665.004 BRA Rádio Voz Missionaria, S=9+25dB at 06.35 UT. MX program
5940.010 BRA too.
9674.978 UNIDentified; likely PRU R del Pacifico, JBA threshold at 06.37
9710.005 VAT Vatican Radio Sunday mass in Ukrainian, via Santa Maria di
Galeria, S=9+10dB backside lobe in to Edmonton-Alberta. 06.38 UT.
9730even KRE Typical shrill Army ladies singer, English sce, 06.00-06.57
9819.086 BRA Poor signal of R 9 de Julho, Sao Paulo SP, S=6 poor signal
at 06.41 UT.
6099.012 KRE MUCH ODD fq signal, KCBS Pyongyang in Korean, older TX unit
of that odd signal ?, S=8 in Akitakata Hiroshima remote Perseus
SDR unit, at 06.57 UT.
6160.004 KRE KCBS domestic Korean sce from Pyongyang Pansong, S=6 poor
antenna propagation, shrill ladies singer at 07.01 UT on May 14

9479 to 9499 kHz UNIDentified strange BUBBLE jamming signal of former old
Soviet USSR era transmissions, S=8 az Tokyo Japan SDR unit 07.06
UT on May 14.

5010even USA WRMI Okeechobee FL-US state, RSI SVK Internat px ?, S=9 at
00.45 UT on May 16.
5024.995 CUB R Rebelde Bejucal in Spanish, 00.51 UT on May 16, S=9+15dB
'projectos de provincia ...'
5040 kHz CUB, nil signal, empty channel.
5050even USA WRMI Okeechobee-FL, pop mx at 00.51 UT May 16, S=9+10dB.
5129.982 USA WBCQ Monticello in Maine US state, S=8 only empty carrier
at 00.54 UT on May 16.

5904.991 KRE Echo of Unification from Pyongyang D.P.R. of Korea, 12.34 UT
S=6 or -87dBm in Edmonton, Alberta-CAN Perseus SDR rx unit.
5995.028 KOR Echo of Hope, Hwaseong Jeongnam, in Korean, S=9+10dB 12.38UT
7199.992 TWN National Unity Radio, US congress founded NGO organization,
in Korean, via Pao Chung site, 300 kW powerful, former B-22 fq
channel on 5900 kHz. Schedule likely 12.00-14.58 UT, S=9+40dB at
12.42 UT on May 16.
7259.930 MNG Mongolian Radio #3 from Ulan Bataar, S=6 and -87dBm, 07-15UT
12.46 UT on May 16.
7354.926 ALS KNLS Anchor Point in En, S=9+40dB powerful, 'Name of Jesus'
program, 16.48 UT, 10.6 kHz wide audio. This is the 2nd TX unit
which is KNLS odd fq also in 31 mband - at other time slot, like
9579.903 ALS KNLS WCB Anchor Point, Russian, on May 12 at 17.48 16.43 UT.
much ODD fq aligned today.
7419.987 CHN PBS Nei Menggu Hohot in Mandarin, S=6 or -86dBm at 12.50 UT.
7425.006 NZL R NZ Pacific, Rangitaiki, En at 12.52 UT, S=9+25dB, pause
signal Bird Chirping typical at 12,58 UT, announcement of move to
7440.000 kHz, at exact 12.58:34 UT, much stronger on
7440.006 NZL R NZ Pacific, Rangitaiki, En at 12.59:17 UT, S=9+40dB. Bird
Chirping signal again.
7599.869 UZB Radio Afghanistan Internat via Tashkent relay center. 01.00-
14.30 UT requested in A-23, Dari sce, 10.8 kHz wideband fluttery,
at 13.02 UT in Edmonton-Alb-CAN Perseus SDR unit.
7644.959 TWN SOH Falun Gong sect Mandarin sce, S=6-7 13.04UT
7719.995 KOR Echo of Hope-VoH in Korean at 13.05 UT, S=9+15dB (ex9099kHz)
7729.859 TWN SOH Falun Gong sect Mandarin sce, S=6-7 13.06UT
9119.973 TWN SOH Falun Gong sect Mandarin sce, S=8, 13.08UT
9155.070 TWN SOH Falun Gong sect Mandarin sce, JBA S=4 13.10UT
9179.946 TWN SOH Falun Gong sect Mandarin sce, S=8, 13.11UT
9198.997 TWN SOH Falun Gong sect empty carrier,S=9+10dB 13.12UT
9215.008 TWN SOH Falun Gong sect Mandarin sce, S=8-9 13.13UT
9229.969 TWN SOH Falun Gong sect Mandarin sce, S=8-9 13.14UT
9254.856 TWN SOH Falun Gong sect Mandarin sce, S=5-6 13.15UT
9299.932 TWN SOH Falun Gong sect Mandarin sce, S=5-6 13.17UT
9300even CHN CNR1 jamming S=9+5dB May 16 13.18UT
9390even THA R Thailand Bangkok in Malaysian sce, Udorn Thani USAGM relay
site, S=9+15dB newscast at 13.20UT
9399.972 PHL FEBC R Liangyou 1 HKG in Chinese, Iba site. S=9+30dB 13.21UT
9524.995 TWN RTI Thai language via Pao Chung site, 13-14 UT, S=9+15dB
9534.996 JBA signal, likely poor CUB RHC Bejucal in Spanish, at 13.24UT
9569.998 KOR KBS Seoul World Radio in En, 13-14 UT, male presenter much
like Australian accent, at 13.26UT
9615even PHL around 13.28:30 UT heard an test tone of 1003 Hertz of the
USAGM relay site Tinang, VoA ID in Cambodian from 13.30 UT,
S=9+35dB strength in Alb-CAN remotedly.
9644.995 KOR KBS World Radio Seoul Kimjae site, 13-14 UT Russian, S=9+5dB
at 13.31UT
9695.004 CLN AWR via SLBC Trincomalee site Sri Lanka, S=9+22dB 13.32UT
9704.983 TWN Pao Chung site outlet of 'Furusato no Kaze' Japanese service
S=9+45dB powerhouse much strong signal, 13.33UT
9740even ALS KNLS Anchor Point, Mandarin Ch, exact fq TX unit, S=9+45dB
9750 kHz BAD MIXTURE signal of co-channel
NHK R Japan World Koga-Ibaragi Yamata in Japan (300 kW), 08-14 UT
and CHN PBS Nai Menggu Mongolian sce from Hohot, S=9+35 13.36UT
9839.968 VTN VoVTN Hanoi Son Tay site, En, S=9+20dB in AB-CAN and
S=9+35dB in Akitakata Hiroshima JPN remotedly 13.38UT
9849.919 TWN SOH Falun Gong sect Mandarin sce, S=5-6 13.40UT

9891 to 9898 kHz = 9892.896 kHz at 13.46 UT noted strange BUBBLE jamming
audio signal,like formerly in USSR Soviet communist era some 40 years back

9919.924 TWN SOH Falun Gong sect Mandarin sce, S=9 13.49UT
9930even UZB Voice of Martyrs, Tashkent relay site, Korean, 13.30-13.59UT
S=9+10dB in Tokyo JAP remotedly, 13.50UT
9950.004 IND AIR - old - from Bangalore site, 500 kW powerhouse, S=8 in
Japan, Dari sce to Afghanistan target, subcontinent.mx 13.51UT
9969.973 TWN SOH Falun Gong sect Mandarin sce, S=9 13.53UT
9989.996 MRA USAGM RFA Burmese sce Tinian island relay, S=9+35dB 13.54UT

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 14 - 16)

From: Bruce Churchill
Sent: Monday, May 15, 2023 9:37 PM
To: WOR@groups.io
Subject: Re: [WOR] Third harmonic of Vanuatu

Hi Ron,

Monitoring R Vanuatu from 1919 tune on 11835 from the SDR at Maui HI

– decent signal (S3+ to S4) but not as good as the early morning bcsts hrd

from KFS SW SDR. However language is not EE but Bislama.

Some ads in EE though.


From: WOR@groups.io <WOR@groups.io> On Behalf Of Ron Howard
Sent: Monday, May 15, 2023 10:35 AM
To: WOR@groups.io
Subject: Re: [WOR] Third harmonic of Vanuatu

> 19:18 UTC - out of schedule

BTW - Per Aoki's database:

A23 Shortwave Frequency List May 15 2023, 1000 UTC Day 1 = Sunday

kHz Time(UTC) ITU Station Lang. Location Days
3945 1900-2000 VUT R.Vanuatu Eng Port Vila 1-7

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