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FM DXing Season

Tuesday, May 16 2023

As in previous years I have begun to monitor the FM band in an attempt to hear Europe. The primary focus is on the Azores station, Pico da Barrosa, 87.7 mhz, which has previously been heard in Newfoundland, Ontario, and MA (not by me). Most recently was 2021 This station runs 30kw. An alternative is Iceland on 88.0 mhz which also has been heard in MA(again not by me) and NJ. I am using a Yaesu FRG-9600 receiver and a 10 ele FM Yagi up about 20 feet on a 800 foot ASL hill. Hopefully, this will be a good FM season, although it has been several weeks since I have even logged a station at 40 mhz. Bill Smith, Douglas, MA

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