Hard-Core-DX.com: �tf-8?qCE‘ few logs for the 20-21st of May

�tf-8?qCE‘ few logs for the 20-21st of May

Tuesday, May 23 2023

……….the day for the Greek general elections


9785 Vatican Radio? 1820 commenting on laudetur referring to community engagement Program in English 10-15db SNR
11635 VoK? 1819 program in Korean . strong modulating hum
11810 BBC WS 1822 with news from Ukraine and 20 db SNR //12095 with 30+ SNR
7325   ?? in Hausa on 2035 with traditional tunes together with talks 20db SNR >>>Voa HAU eibi
15130  NHK in Japanese 2036 is he and strongest signal (55+/xx) with more than 25db fading to roughly marginal levels! Signal then stabilized around  10-15 db SNR
6665 more than 1 hour long between Greek QSOers!!
6955 Zeppelin  radio once again heard in the band at 1920 with his special music collection but Near marginal signal

21-5 the real voting day
21670 R Saudi intl 1030 with religious talks seem mostly family matters Good
17490 CGTN at 1451 with local type signal 65+/xx with program in English

RX +QTH : PL330 with 3×9 m Δ antenna mountains nearby Thessaloniki   (ex -home)

Zacharias Liangas

Music Producer Greek Music Refuge / Dangdut  and Beyond via R Angela 5130kHz
GMR: 5130 0230-0300 every Sat   /D&B 0350-0400 Friday the 4th week of month

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