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Friday, May 26 2023

High-frequency trading has been going on for at least a decade. Wall
Street has moved on into space...

More info is abundant, such as:

Den 2023-05-27 kl. 00:02, skrev Mauno Ritola:

Did anyone find out anything more about this?



Fernan Bolando kirjoitti 20.5.2023 klo 18.11:

Thus sounds interesting. Googling however has failed me. Can anybody

the original article or a link to more info?

On Sat, May 20, 2023, 9:16 AM Arthur Delibert, <radio75a3@msn.com>

I suspect this is related to high-speed trading in the stock, bond and
futures markets.  A number of large financial institutions have
noted that
there are brief differences in the prices of various financial

between the various markets -- for example, NY and Chicago. If they can
act fast enough, they can buy in the cheaper market and sell at a
profit in

the more expensive market before the differences iron themselves out.
These institutions have invested a lot in high-speed internet

between their offices physically near the various markets so they can
exploit these differences.  Looks like someone is going to try to speed
things up by using a SW radio link.  Note that the FCC applications

filed with a request for confidential treatment of certain details.

-- Art Delibert, KB3FJO