Hard-Core-DX.com: More logs of 25th May

More logs of 25th May

Wednesday, May 31 2023

25.5 againwith the 2x1,5m circumfenrece YOuloop , floor level  is nonlinear -120 dbm 

6120   Xinjiang UI 1729 with YL tlking inUihgur. There is some gap in the sound with some garbling 37db SNR https://app.box.com/s/7lp7dmr2tmzw50ssji89pvnpq1zdbz7z
6980L more Italian QSOs at 1649 Also 6750L
7265  CRI   with program heard as Bamasr but later itwas clear it is Hindi -73dbm
5900 R Taiwan   (S) with program in Russianor Ukrainian ID in 1700z . Not mentioned in eibi -58dbm  https://youtu.be/yLGG0-SvJPo
9155 CNR jammer aginst SOH with -81dbm
9500  R Segalee kana etc in Oromo .quitetrebly audio -75dbm “this is TWR from Eswatini 9620 AIR with very sharpaudio  and semi traditional  of  theold Bollywood period with 5.3kHz  audioad -55dbm
9630 CNR 17 Kazakh with nice oldie  songSudden s/off 1805

Zacharias Liangas

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