Hard-Core-DX.com: 28/5/2023 logs

28/5/2023 logs

Thursday, June 08 2023

6615 hts is the first time catching a Greek operator in this part of the band1625 … up counting with ola noticed at first
9255 CNR jammer 1650 in just  -100/-140noise
9890 @-95 & 9420 @-88dbm with typical slow turkic folk song ON 9890 wit QRMfro m VoK  
9850 Cairo 1701  with music filler pluatalks in Turkish . these songs are known to me form the 80s when they wereadopted by Greek musician At least the sound level is quite good
9820 VoA  in  Kurdish with talks mentioning USA and Graham , French wise  intonation
7055L the Russian Ukrainian radio war still continues 1740 ,twooperators the same time plus someone with music OM saying yaaan kenesmee kilian patan basso at 1700
7245 poss. V of Tajik with song at 1744 then talks by YL Signal at 47SMR butquite poor audio Beter in Novosibirsk with good audio BTW 4765 no signal in THSthohgh in NOvsibirk is herd and received well
8812 TAH  with news / forecasts inTurkish an 1815 in English -105/135
9675  R Saudi QRMed by CRI in Farsi . maxaudio 5 kHZ but quite clear sound  nearHiFi wih 55db RMS

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