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New radio programs from ERA

Friday, June 09 2023

Relatively recentlythe national greek radio network  hasadded a few more radio programs that are streamed locally via their own TV networkand  their new webpage if not via satellite.(I can’t confirm that )

They are:
Deytero laika with folks songs as the brunch of   the 2ndprogram
Deytero paradosiaka  with traditional songs
Trito maestro  classical music with its best performances  

Now the ERAnetwork includes in total 13 radio programs – with Thessalonki - plus the 19regionals in the whole Greece

All programsare available in the new webpage https://www.ertecho.gr/

Notice thatertecho also offers separate categories to their podcasts ,on demand programs, musicmixes and special concerts from the ERA’s symphonic


Links of theabove streams



All these programs are shwon in the bottom om the main page

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