Hard-Core-DX.com: SWB issue 2036 now available for download

SWB issue 2036 now available for download

Sunday, September 03 2023

Highlights from this issue:
- QSL information and SW-logs.
- The history of " Philips " radio receivers from Eindhoven
- Philips communication receiver model BX-925A
- Philips Communication Receiver 8RO-501
- European, Private Shortwave Stations, Stig Hartvig Nielsen
- Tropical Bands Monitor 2023 as logged by DX-ers worldwide. DSWCI, Anker
- Recordings of both Radio Monte Carlo and RTL broadcasts
- Die Radiostation San Antonio de Padua in Callalli in Peru
- BOOK: A short history of radio communication receivers in functional
- [WOR] "2023 Ham Fair" broadcast on HCJB Japanese Service
- [WOR] ARRL Battles Stock Traders for Spectrum
- Re: [SDR-Radio] SDR Console NB issues
- [SDR-Radio] Perseus22 API
- FENU RADIO closes down
- Simon´s Greyline Map
- [A-DX] 28. August 1963: Philips Stellt den ersten Kassettenrekorder vor -
die Kassette bringt Musik ins Leben.
- TEXAS RADIO SHORTWAVE September 2023 Program Schedule
- GPSJam - Daily maps of GPS Interference and other harassment, nordx
- Beverage antennas ? remote [jaguarpro]
- KONG HQ transformer, Bjarne Mjelde
- R-311 "Omega" - Soviet shortwave radio. RUS-DX
- DX-Nostalgia by Ronny Forslund