Hard-Core-DX.com: Glenn Hauser logs September 6-7, 2023

Glenn Hauser logs September 6-7, 2023

Friday, September 08 2023

** SPAIN. Hola Glenn. :-) El 7/9/23 a las 4:14, Glenn Hauser via
groups.io escribió: ``striking building about authors` & composers`
compensation, abbr`d ASGAY? Inside is an exhibition about Spanish rock
bands. Not that I care about this subject, but back to it at 2220
after trying to put up with the distortion on VOT. I try to google
correct spelling; asgay gets sidetracked to gay stuff; asgaii comes up
as a possibility but then that`s sidetracked to Did You Mean ASCII!``

José Ramón Estapá replies on the AER foroDX: ``Seguramente se refieran
a la "SGAE", que es la Sociedad General de Autores y Editores. Una
sociedad bastante polémica por aquí, por cierto:

Creo que en USA, el equivalente es "ASCAP":
Saludos. :-)`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A [and non]. WORLD OF RADIO 2206 monitoring: ``Confirming a WOR
WRMI 9395 KHz broadcast at 0030 UT on Thursday, 9/7/2023, a very
strong signal with excellent modulation into central North Carolina.
Doug, KA5ETS, White``

``9395, WRMI Radio Miami Int’l; 0034, 9/7; Glenn Hauser’s World of
Radio #2206; 0059+ WRMI spot into uncopiable new pgm intro into
American Tax Relief spot. S20 peaks (Harold Frodge, MI)``

``Dear Glenn: Confirming World of Radio #2206, notes, loggings, 9395
kHz, WRMI:
0030, 0043, 0100 (45443), September 5 UTC 2023 [Tue]
0030, 0044, 0057 (45343), [Thu]
0130, 0145 (45443), 0059, 0159, September 7 UTC [Thu]
(Lemke, Richard -AB) 73’s Richard``

Confirmed at 0030 UT Thu Sept 7 on WRMI 9395, S9+5/15 into Maryland

Also confirmed after 0130 UT Thu Sept 7 on WRMI 9395, S9+20 into
Virginia SDR

Also confirmed after 0130 UT Thu Sept 7 on WRMI 5010, S9/+10 but
noisier into Virginia SDR

WORLD OF RADIO 2207 contents: Angola, Antarctica, (Argentina), Brasil,
Canada, China non, Congo DR, Cuba, Denmark, Egypt, Ethiopia non,
(Falkland Islands], Indonesia, Kurdistan non, Malaysia, México,
Mongolia, [New Zealand], North America, Norway, Oklahoma and non,
Pakistan, Russia, Sint Maarten, Solomon Islands, Sweden, Turkey,
Ukraine, UKQOGBANI, USA, (Uzbekistan), Vanuatu, Vatican; unID 6300;
Adrian Peterson`s 50K QSLs; propagation outlook -- (countries
mentioned with others not in order)

WORLD OF RADIO 2207 available from 0112 UT September 1
(mp3 stream) https://www.w4uvh.net/wor2207.m3u
(mp3 download) https://www.w4uvh.net/wor2207.mp3

Or via http://www.worldofradio.com/audiomid.html
Also linx to podcast services.

2030 UT Friday IRRS 1323 & 918? & 207?-Italy
0130 UT Saturday WRMI 5850 to NW
1930vUT Saturday WA0RCR 1860-AM
0000 UT Sunday WRMI 9955 to SSE [planned later in Sept]
0030 UT Sunday WRMI 7780 to SW
0245vUT Sunday WA0RCR 1860-AM [nominal 0315; as late as 0457]
1030 UT Sunday WRMI 9955 [jammed by Cuba?]
2000 UT Sunday IRRS 1323 & 918? & 207?-Italy
0030 UT Monday WRMI 7780 to SW
0300vUT Monday WBCQ Area 51 6160v to WSW
0030 UT Tuesday WRMI 9395 to NNW
1300 UT Tuesday WRMI 9955 to SSE [planned later in Sept]
2330 UT Tuesday WRMI 9395 to NNW
1000 UT Wednesday Unique R, NSW 5035-USB
1030 UT Wednesday Unique R, NSW 5035-USB [previous #2206]
2100 UT Wednesday WBCQ 7490v to WSW
0030 UT Thursday WRMI 9395 to NNW
0130 UT Thursday WRMI 5010 to S
0130 UT Thursday WRMI 9395 to NNW

Thanks this week for financial support from Christopher Campbell,
Columbus OH, for a contribution via PayPal in US funds but not
necessarily, to woradio at yahoo.com and says, ``For your continuing
generous effort to supply daily DX news about the world to the world.
My greatest appreciation and admiration lay upon you. Your work means
so much to me. I love the "tips for rational living.``

One may also contribute by MO or check on a US bank to:
Glenn Hauser, PO Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

This report dispatched at 0131 UT September 8