Hard-Core-DX.com: MW logs 15/9 in the new Nepalese TWR kSDR

MW logs 15/9 in the new Nepalese TWR kSDR

Sunday, September 17 2023

684 R Nepal Pokhara  , with some dangdut style music 0845  with ID radio Nepal then with talks by OM   -70sbmsignal
621 Akashvani Patna 0849  with news in Hindi -75 dbm with strong  local noise some English talks seems to say Christus Ye aksshavani he 0857
792  R NepalKathmandu RF digitally suppressed at -79dbm Signal has more  then 25 kHz splatter ! Also on 1584 second harmonic with -65dbm withoverloaded sound …Heard ID on 0908 traditional songs

3 Chinese signal on 7220 ,7240(Lhasa) 7450

Zacharias Liangas

exMusic Producer Greek Music Refuge / Dangdut  and Beyond
Hard  core DXer https://youtu.be/8VJ__oppkLs the pool
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